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5 Memorable Quilotoa Lake Day Tour Highlights by Ecuatraveling

5 Memorable Quilotoa Lake Day Tour Highlights

Written by Ecuatraveling

The Quilotoa Lake is one of Ecuador's hidden gems of breathtaking natural beauty. a stunning turquoise crater lake nestled away in the Andes. A day tour to Quilotoa Lake offers a unique opportunity to explore the region's indigenous culture, breathtaking landscapes, and outdoor adventures. Here are five highlights that make this day tour an unforgettable experience.

Exploring Saquisili market

Market Quilotoa

Every Thursday morning there is an impressive indigenous market held in the town of Saquisili. The Saquisili market is a vibrant immersion into Ecuador's indigenous culture. The market overflows with an incredible range of colors, aromas, and sounds as local artisans and vendors showcase their products. These include items like beautifully patterned textiles, aromatic spices, fresh fruits and vegetables, and handcrafted goods. This market is a must-stop on your trip because it provides a rare chance to see how indigenous communities in Ecuador live on a daily basis and even engage with the welcoming locals.

Visiting a Native Family House

You will get the chance to visit a local family's home as the day tour progresses. You can peek into the daily routine of the native people thanks to this unique experience. You'll feel the warmth of their welcome as soon as you walk through the door of their house. You'll learn more about their traditions, habits, and way of life. This trip offers insightful information on the indigenous people of Ecuador. It’s a cultural exchange that encourages a deeper understanding and appreciation of the region's heritage.


Exploring Quilotoa Lake

Quilotoa Lake

You will be stunned by Quilotoa Lake's breathtaking beauty as soon as you get there. The crater lake's gorgeous emerald waters are surrounded by towering cliffs, giving the area a surreal feel. You'll get the opportunity to hike down to the lake's edge and take in the peace and quiet of this natural marvel. Additionally, those with a sense of adventure might choose to go kayaking on the lake's clear waters, which provides a unique perspective of the crater's rough landscape.


Alpacas and Mules on the Trail

Llama in Quilotoa

You're likely to run into some furry companions as you explore the route down to Quilotoa Lake. Visitors of all fitness levels can take the excursion because strong, sturdy mules are available for rental. These dependable animals offer an opportunity for both cultural immersion and transportation.  Watch out for the friendly alpacas who live here as well. On your way to the crater lake, you'll likely come across them, and their cuteness and photogenicness will make the experience memorable.


Toachi Canyon Crater visit


The magnificent geological wonders of Ecuador are displayed at the Toachi Canyon Crater, which has been formed by the forces of nature over countless years. It gives a breathtaking perspective that makes you contemplate the earth's history, as evident in its rocky features, with its high cliffs and rich foliage. Standing at the edge will make you feel deeply connected to the planet's natural processes, which serves as a reminder of the great force and beauty of nature. The Toachi Canyon Crater will make an impression on you whether you're a geology buff, a fan of panoramic views, or just someone who adores wild landscapes. Making it a perfect way to wrap up your day of exploring the Ecuadorian Andes.

Written by Laura Bravo