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The Ecuatraveling Experience. Enjoying Life! Ecuatraveling is an adventure travel company created by a group of experienced experts trip leaders in order to offer tailor-made tours that can be adjusted to the needs and requests of our visitors

The Ecuatraveling Experience. Enjoying Life! Ecuatraveling is an adventure travel company created by a group of experienced expert trip leaders in order to offer tailor-made tours that can be adjusted to the needs and requests of our visitors. Our mission is to achieve customer satisfaction through our unique client-centered philosophy. Ecuatraveling specializes in outdoor trips in Ecuador and also offers an interesting range of programs and adventures in Colombia, Panama and Peru. The Ecuatraveling experience has been designed to make sure that you, your family, or your friends have an unforgettable and amazing experience.

Over 14 years, Pablo Romero and Esteban Ludeña, proud Ecuadorians,  have been working in the tourism field developing their extraordinary passion to show you the best spots and activities in Ecuador & Galapagos. An Ecuatraveling trip will definitely exceed the expectations of travelers of all ages, budgets, and interests. Take a look at our trips to find out what your ideal Ecuatraveling adventure can look like.

Ecuador: a true traveler’s trip starts in the country of the four diverse regions. Ecuador provides an opportunity to both see some of the world’s most amazing sights and to be exposed to a new way of living. Learn about one of the most intriguing ancient cultures in the world or visit the biggest laboratory where Darwin developed his theory of evolution. Traveling in Ecuador is easy and filled with adventures every day. At Ecuatraveling, we want to provide you with the best suggestions and advice to help you plan a trip that will definitely blow your mind!

Here are some reasons why you have made the best decision for your trip to Ecuador by choosing us.

1)    Expert knowledge

Latin America covers a vast and diverse area and narrowing down what will be included in your trip can be a hard decision! Our job is to make this as easy as possible and we can assist you as much or as little as you wish. Our experts have a wide knowledge of everything that can be offered and are available at all times to help or advise. Your tailor-made itinerary will be carefully created by staff who will have visited every area featured on your holiday and will often have stayed at or visited most of the hotels.

2)    Our Guides

Our guides include residents and natives of the region who are selected based upon their level of experience, personal integrity, and genuine sense of hospitality. During your journey, various specialists may join you and share their insights into different aspects of their country. From art and archeology to rainforest ecology, our knowledgeable guides will help illuminate your discovery.

3)    Responsible Travel

We develop our trips to help people become more culturally and environmentally aware. It is this approach that instills a sense of appreciation about the environment and the people you will encounter.

4)    Unbeatable Value

Because we are based in Ecuador and Colombia, we can operate directly without any intermediaries. This way, we are able to be right by your side while you travel and we are able to keep our costs lower, which benefits you. But it is not just a matter of our very affordable prices, it’s also what we include that makes the value of our trips so good. All internal flights and transport, airport transfers, centrally located accommodations that reflect the essence of your destination, comprehensive sightseeing, great adventures, and the services of an experienced tour leader – we take care of all this, and more.

5)    24/7 Assistance

Our customer service is legendary. We’re passionate about travel and we love helping you put together a journey you’ll remember for a lifetime. Our reservation agents are there to help you throughout the whole booking process. Once you’re on your trip, we have a dedicated emergency line that is manned 24/7, not by an answering service, but by our managers in Quito, who know what to do to help you (even if it’s in the middle of the night). When you book your tour with Ecuatraveling, you have a team watching out for you no matter where you go.

6)    Safety & Quality Equipment

Our clients’ safety is our main goal. We follow strict working procedures and rules. Ecuatraveling staff and guides lead our groups. They are well-trained certified professionals. In addition to the standards required, we encourage and demand ongoing training, evaluation, and learning, keeping our staff highly motivated and ready to deal with the needs of our clients and the quality of our trips. For each program, we set a particular guide-to-client ratio and also add an assistant guide in many of our treks. 

All our equipment is of good quality and we go to great lengths to keep it neat and functional. In all treks, Ecuatraveling provides general camping equipment.

 6)    Accommodation

Ecuatraveling accommodations are very comfortable and range from 3-star hostels to exclusive 5-star elegant lodges which have been chosen for their charm and native warmth.  

8)    Cultural Exchanges

One of the most valuable and long-lasting experiences of traveling is the cultural encounter that you experience. We encourage communicating with different people, living alongside small communities, tasting new food, and being exposed to new ways of life, all of which greatly enhance the experience and contribute to an increased personal cultural awareness.

9)    Customization and Total Flexibility

Design a holiday as individual as you are! Have a go yourself or just let us know your available time, your must-sees, preferences, and special interests. We will suggest an itinerary and from then on it is a matter of fine-tuning so that you get exactly what you want. We make it simple for our clients to have the experience of a lifetime. From pre-tour planning to 24-hour-on tour support. We do our utmost to ensure that your holiday runs as smoothly as it possibly can.

10) Suggested itineraries and worry-free multi-country tours

For each country, we provide suggested itineraries to stimulate your imagination and provide a sample of what is possible. They are not fixed and we expect you to alter or tweak them – add extra days, link with other countries, or enjoy a beach at the end. Of course, you don’t have to stop at one country, many tours cross borders and we can, of course, arrange trips taking in as many countries as you wish. Nothing is too complex. Contact us and consult one of our experts. Everything is possible –almost!

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