Why booking through a Travel Agency is better than booking by yourself! by Ecuatraveling

Why booking through a Travel Agency is better than booking by yourself!

Written by Ecuatraveling

The world of travel has opened its doors to all people with countless opportunities and choices. The abundance of booking platforms, travel agencies, accommodation and other tourism-related services broaden our possibilities, yet at the same time planning a vacation trip has become a complicated and time-consuming process. Online booking seems pretty easy, as searching for hotels and tours, however, travel agencies have access to deals we may never find on the web. Relying on professional assistance with the planning of your trip can significantly influence your budget and time spent. Therefore, in this article we will explore in more details the benefits of using a travel agency to book your vacation from now and beyond.


One of the first reasons to opt for a travel agency is that travel is their expertise. In order to guarantee your vacation will be enjoying, a travel agent personally visits the location you are interested in. Besides their own experience, they have a pile of customer stories who went on the exact trip. Hence, a travel agency knows every single detail of the itinerary and can anticipate the challenges you may encounter and inform you in advance. This will prevent any unpleasant surprises at the destination such as an extra resort or tourism fees. Moreover, a travel agency will use its precious knowledge to make sure your accommodation type and its location perfectly match with the itinerary which saves a lot of headaches. For instance, if you want something exotic in the jungle or you want to visit Galapagos Islands, which are the destinations closely working with travel agencies, you better trust your vacation to experts! Much like you would call a plumber to fix your tap, or a financial planner to manage your budget, we highly recommend you should go for professional assistance with your travels.


Travel agencies have been building connections and contracts with hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, and restaurants for years, which can save you a lot of money. Also, you have the privilege to score discounts and credits for spa time, meals, drinks, onboard tickets, and other services. Having contacts with other tourism companies allows travel agencies to enhance the efficiency of the trip: faster transportation, reliable people, more personalized travel plans. In addition, travel agencies arrange face-to-face meetings with all their partners, that is why they know exactly who to speak to in order to set up special requests for their clients. This can involve advanced restaurant operations, adjoining rooms, or special needs provision. So, before offering you a vacation plan a travel agency will first specify your interests, level of physical activities, food preferences (GF, allergies, V), advise with partners, and only then recommend a tour package. Travel agencies build relationships not only with their partners but with their customers as well. It is so nice to know your next adventure is in trustable hands and you have friends on the other side of the planet. And a very important fact to know before we finalize this chapter: if you want to visit Waita Lodge in the Cuyabeno Wildlife reserve, deep in the jungles of Ecuador, our agency is the only one who can get you there!


Our days pass very busy and now more than ever we recognize how valuable our time is. Researching family vacations online takes hours especially if you are planning a trip to an unfamiliar place. According to Expedia’s 2017 “The American Traveler’s Path to Purchase” statistics, Americans spend 6 weeks on travel websites before they book a vacation. With the overloading of information on the internet, it is so easy to get overwhelmed, confused, and stressed. Hundreds of businesses that we do not know if they are actually real. We can get cheated or encounter a poorly managed institution. That is what does not happen when you are booking with a travel agency thanks to their years of experience. Close your laptop and save your nerves because travel agencies will get the hard job done for you!

Why booking through a Travel Agency


The majority of DIY travel planners do not know that in many cases medical insurance does not cover them while abroad. Hospitals in foreign countries take their passports and charge in full for their treatment or surgery. A decent travel agent will prevent such situations and provide you with the right travel insurance to protect you and your family. Furthermore, it is vital to remember that not all countries in the world have the same level of safety. Some locations are notorious for robbery, pickpocketing, and other issues. When visiting a place where safety is a concern, it is best to use a travel agency.


When confirming reservations through online booking websites you are required to make a full payment. This specifies you could be paying huge credit card interest fees that will add up to the total price of the trip. In contrast, when you are booking with a travel agency, you are only asked to pay a small deposit to confirm your reservation, and later, prior to a departure a final payment is made. This is a very convenient strategy that gives people a sense of freedom, clarity, and not being ripped off months before the actual trip. Also, a travel agency can arrange a monthly vacation layaway program that can save you extra expenses on credit card interests.


No plan is perfect, especially when traveling to foreign countries. There are always changes of mind or external situations. When unexpected terms of events come and you need to cancel your reservation or add some changes, a travel agency can assist you to find the best solution. Whilst booking online you end up with no response via emails or hanging on the line for hours until somebody picks up the phone and tells you they cannot help you. A travel agency will notify you in advance of cancellation policies and terms so you can make conscious decisions on time. Isn’t it better to talk to somebody who actually cares for you?  And remember, the internet doesn’t call you back but travel agencies do!

In the modern world, booking with a travel agency might seem old-fashioned, but with the pace of life, busy schedules and rapid changes in the tourism industry, it is actually a safe, time saving and convenient way of planning your vacation time. Relax, and let the professionals get the best deals for you.

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