Travelling on your own? by Ecuatraveling

Travelling on your own?

Written by Ecuatraveling

We all have that one friend who likes to go to the movies on his own. Although it seems quite strange for the rest of the clique and sounds like something impossible to believe. Of course, in many occasions this friend turned into the target of any joke made, yet this has changed now. More and more people are tempted by the idea of going out solo one night and enjoy it without the necessity of any other company. Well, just imagine, instead of one night, we are talking about an entire week or longer. Imagine if we talk about spending the whole vacation on your own. Does this raise your interest?

Probably, in the beginning you need to work up the courage to overcome the fear of being alone. But I ensure you that going on this solo adventure could become one of the best things that you have ever done in your life. People who travel on their own describe this experience as something extraordinary and almost mysterious. A unique way to get to know oneself. Additionally, travelling alone sometimes is the easiest and fastest way to organise a trip. In fact, the demand of solo travels among the millennials generation has increased immensely in the previous years. It regards a touristic industry which has become popular around the world and its demand is growing every day.

The profile for this sort of travel considers young people between the age of 25 and 35, singles and with great sense of adventure. What’s for sure is that these people only see the advantages in travelling alone. Today we present you the best reasons to convince you of the greatness of this type of vacation.

  1. Planning is so much easier

Iran, Nigeria, India… We all have a list of destinations we would like to explore, yet often we discard the journey since there is no one, due to fear, laziness or lack of money, who wants to share this experience with us. People have different interests, schedules and budgets and hence, you can organise your own challenge much easier on your own.

  1. Enjoy time with yourself

In the current period of digitalisation, we spend a lot of time being connected and confronted with electrical distractions. Therefore, travelling solo could create a personal challenge in which you feel obliged to disconnect from it all. Travelling alone represents an excellent opportunity to enjoy your own company as well as to get to know yourself better.

  1. You are the master of your travel route

When organising a trip together with several people, the greatest difficulty always is to find dates and schedules that suites everyone everywhere. And, as soon as you arrive to the location, everyone holds another preference of the itinerary which sometimes can affect the group dynamic. When you are travelling on your own, you are the boss and decide what to do at what time.

  1. Make new friends

The main barrier linked to travelling alone represents the fear of loneliness. Nevertheless, the truth is that one never feels lonely if he learns to take the right decisions during the journey. Travelling solo is a great opportunity to start talking to other people and trying to make new friends. Even though it might be only be to withdraw from the feeling of being alone, subconsciously it puts you in another situation of talking with and discovering new travel company.

  1. Having filled memories

Obviously, the reasons for choosing to travel are infinite. And undertaking the journey together with friends is a great way to deepen the friendship and learn more about each other. However, if you travel with more people, you could “lose yourself” in the essence of the destination you are visiting. The silence sparks your senses and it helps you to better caption the aroma of the place you are experiencing.

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