Top 10 places where to do camping in Ecuador! by Ecuatraveling

Top 10 places where to do camping in Ecuador!

Written by Ecuatraveling

Camping is the perfect way to enjoy Ecuador’s most pristine nature to the fullest. From the stunning Andes mountains to the beautiful Pacific coast, there are plenty of spots for adventurous nature lovers. Find out what places are definitely worth to pitch your tent in.


Cotopaxi Camping.jpg

All year long you can eat and pitch your tent to wake up to this amazing view on the world’s highest active volcano. You’ll enjoy spotting various species of fauna and flora in this park, and if you are up to it, you can also hike up the volcano with a guide!

Want to know more about the experience on the volcano? Read this!


Pasochoa 2.jpg

With over 500 hectares, this park is perfect for nature lovers. The Pasochoa volcano peaks at 4200 meters above sea level. Due to the shape of the crater, over years a beautifully conserved highland forest was formed naturally without human intervention. With over 120 species of birds, 230 of flora and 10 species of mammals it is a great spot to bird watch, hike, trek …
When you visit try spotting to Condor!


Ayampe Sunset.jpg

Located on the Pacific coast, Ayampe is a biodiversity and perfect for those searching for serenity and rest. You’ll admire outstanding landscapes that you can meditate on for hours with undisturbed tranquility. At the end of this magnificent view you’ll find "The Hanged Out" islands, which are two elevations that resemble each others as twins whom play unfailingly with the waves. It is very surreal to view. Enjoy an amazing sunset over the Pacific Ocean!



Feeling like a break on the beach? In Montañita you can enjoy the waves, go partying at night or just chill on the beautiful beach. It is a great place to just settle down and enjoy life as it comes.



Garrapatero is a three kilometers long sandy beach, surrounded by thickets of mangrove forests and is home to many exotic animals. Here you can scuba dive to observe the numerous inhabitants of the ocean or you can just bask in the sun, watching the herons, flamingos, iguanas, penguins and other representatives of tropical fauna, walking side by side.
Enjoy a relaxing night with the sound of waves on breaking on the moonlit beach?



How satisfying would it be to go to the top of the volcano, camp up there and wake up to this amazing view? Discover more about Quilotoa!


In need for some relaxing time fishing or surfing, far from crazy crowds? Mompiche’s fishing village is the perfect spot to go camping! Just enjoy the relaxing life, the great waves and try out your fishing skills.


Feel like spending a night camping next to the most active volcano of the Galapagos Islands? Hike to the rim of Sierra Negra volcano and enjoy the view over the 6 miles wide crater. You can trek across the alien landscape of lava fields and fumaroles and witness fascinating geological features.


Camping inside the crater of this volcano is attractive for many climbers. Once settled in this beautiful park you can just admire the breathtaking landscapes of the volcano and the Yellow Lagoon. Appreciate the silence of the scenery for a good night’s sleep.


Mojanda 2.jpg

Last but not least, the Mojanda lagoons. Located just to the north of Quito, the lagoons are nestled between two mountains, the Fuya-Fuya and the Yanaburco. The three lagoons are connected by paths you can hike along. The views are amazing and wildlife is flourishing. So why not camp at night and take the opportunity to hike along the lagoons, admiring the landscape and eventually climb up the Fuya-Fuya?

Written by: Chesca Lonbay

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