Manta – a lovely city at the coast of Ecuador by Ecuatraveling

Manta – a lovely city at the coast of Ecuador

Written by Ecuatraveling

Where another weekend is, there is another opportunity to explore Ecuador's coast!

If you are searching for the perfect stay at the coast but you don't know where to go, Manta can definitely be the answer!

This mid-sized city with more than 250.000 inhabitants is a small treasure, situated in the Province of Manabi. It is one of the most economically important cities in Manabi and the fifth populous one in Ecuador. Besides this it has the second largest port (first is Guayaquil) and its main economic activities are fishing, tuna canning and chemicals.
Manta is a flourishing city which has seen rapid expansion in the last fifty years and because of its airport it is easily reachable. If you prefer to go by bus (from Quito) it will just take you eight hours.


The temperatures in Manta are from dry subtropical to humid subtropical and balance between 25 to 30 degrees. Like in most of Ecuador's Pacific Coast Cities, the rainy season lasts from December to May – where the weather is warmer than usual. So the best time to visit this beautiful city is between April and November because it is less humid.

Tourism is also an important factor of the biggest city of the province. The majority of the city's tourism is generated by the beaches, which include the famous ‘San Lorenzo’ - well visited by surfers for its high waves - 'San Mateo' and ‘El Murcielago’ where you can frequently find big events. Manta has also a lively nightlife scene which include a lot of bars where you can easily learn how to dance Salsa, Bachata or Merengue when you are free enough to try it with the friendly Ecuadorians.

Around Manta there is 12 km away a nice town which is called Montecristi. It's also a cultural visit because it is famous for it's artisanal handicrafts like the well-known 'Panama-Hats' or typical dresses and shirts.

If you want to see more at the coast after your stay in Manta, you can travel to Puerto Lopez (100 km more south) where it is possible to go on boat trips for whale watching from June to September.

Widen your horizon with visiting Manta and you will see how wonderful and magical this place can be... 

Written by: Bianca Schröder


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