Baños – small town that goes adventurous by Ecuatraveling

Baños – small town that goes adventurous

Written by Ecuatraveling

Baños – hearing the name of this town, you might think about hot springs and relaxation. Whilst you are not wrong with that assumption, this is the less important face of this city.

Located only four hours on the south of Quito, Baños offers a huge variety of attractions for all. Only condition: Don't be afraid of adventures!

Despite having only around 15,000 inhabitants, this small town is filled with life. With unknown roots in pre-colonial Ecuador, it has now developed one of the most popular touristic infrastructures in Ecuador.

From bridge jumping to rafting to 'swinging at the end of the world' there is something for everyone to try! Take the bus and go up to Casa del Arbol where you can enter a playground full of funny gadgets and, of course, you can swing on the so called Swing at the end of the world. Enjoy a beautiful view while you swing over the edge of the slope.

Swing at the End of the Worl

Or experience freedom by flying over a ravine while zip lining. Still not adventurous enough for you? Do you remember when your mother used to tell you: If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you jump as well? Well, now you've finally got an answer. It's not a cliff but close enough. Get the ultimate kick jumping from a bridge. It is comparable to bungee jumping with the difference that at the end of the – rather short – jump you start swinging over the beautiful valley of the river Pastaza.

But it's not all adventures. You can also spend a more relaxing time in Baños. Since it is located in a beautiful valley at around 1800m (5900ft), why not hike within the beautiful mountain landscapes; a totally different environment to Quito. Experience the beauty of the waterfalls surrounding this town.

Waterfalls Banos

If all the adventurous possibilities haven't tired you yet, you can turn the night into day in Baños' amazing night life. You will find one road bursting with clubs and bars. Don't despair if you are not a big fan of Latin American Reggaeton or Salsa! There are plenty of other bars that play every kind of music.

There is no better thing to do than to relax in the hot springs of Baños after a day full of adventures. After all, Baños sticks to its name as a town with healing water.

Written by: Anna Leicht

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