A two-day adventure in Baños de Agua Santa by Ecuatraveling

A two-day adventure in Baños de Agua Santa

Written by Ecuatraveling

I had the opportunity to spend two days in Baños de Agua Santa and I truly loved this small town surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. Our two-day adventure in this small town had an amazing mix of rooftop bars, nightlife, jeep rides, stunning views, incredible waterfalls, and the iconic Casa del Arbol.

We arrived in Baños on a Tuesday night. After dropping of our luggage at our hostel and relaxing for a little bit, it was time to explore the nightlife of Baños. Even though it wasn’t a very busy night I had so much fun. We had drinks on a rooftop bar, danced with locals in different clubs and bars, and went to a little karaoke bar.  We ended the night with something to eat, and by then it was long past bedtime.


We kicked off our second day with a 3-hour jeep ride, an absolute must for anyone looking to explore the region’s mountain terrain in a fun and fast way. Our first 2 stops were these amazing viewing points from where we could see the mountains and the waterfalls running down the mountains.


With the jeeps, we also visited the breathtaking Rio Verde. The sight of the waterfall falling into the turquoise pool below left me in awe. We walked around the trail on the hanging bridges until we reached another waterfall. This waterfall is called Pailon del Diablo. I was amazed by the stunning view, it truly felt like walking in a movie scene.

After visiting the waterfalls, we hopped back into the jeeps and went to our last destination: the famous Casa del Árbol. Here we had the chance to swing at the “Edge of the World”. Swinging on the huge swings hanging over the cliff while watching the amazing backdrop of the mountains gave me such an adrenaline rush, it was an unforgettable experience.


When we were done exploring Casa de arbol, we drove all the way down the mountains to the meeting place where we dropped of the jeeps. We went straight to another rooftop bar to drink some delicious cocktails and watch the sunset. The bar provided a breathtaking panoramic view of Baños, the perfect setting to relax and reflect on the day's adventures.

As our two-day adventure came to an end, we said goodbye to the beauty of Baños de Agua Santa. With memories formed in our hearts, we boarded the bus back to Quito, promising myself to go back to this lovely town someday and feel its magic once more. It was a blend of adrenaline, nature, culture, and a touch of nightlife, making for an unforgettable journey.

I am so thankful that I got to experience this beautiful place with so many beautiful people around me.

Written by: Laura Bravo

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