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Visit Quito’s highlight: El Teleferico by Ecuatraveling

Visit Quito’s highlight: El Teleferico

Written by Ecuatraveling

There is a lot to do in Quito, but one of the things you definitely cannot miss out on is going up to the Pichincha Volcano with the Teleferico!

The Teleferico is one of the highlights of Ecuador’s capital. It is located in the East of the city, between the center and the north of Quito. You can get here by taxi (easiest) that will charge you around $2-3, or by taking a public bus.

Once you get on the bottom of the Teleferico, you will see the entrance to buy the tickets. A ticket to ride up and down costs $7.50. It is opened from 9am until 8pm.

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The ride to the top is stunning. You see the valley of Quito from above, and can then also see how small but far stretched Quito is.

Here there is a small place where snacks are sold, like chips, fries etc. However, I would advise you to bring some water and a sandwich. It is a nice place to picknick!

Note: Please take care of our beautiful surroundings and take your trash with you! Mother earth thanks you.

On the top of Pichicha you can take a hike path that will eventually take you to the summit. It is not a very difficult hike, but because of the altitude you might need to take it a bit slow!

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If you wish to hike up the summit, you will take about 4 hours to get there. The best time to go to the summit is in the morning, as it will be less likely to be cloudy and you will be able to have stunning views!

As you are at 4. 050 m, you might feel a bit dizzy and have a headache. Make sure you take it slow, take breaks and drink a lot of water! This helps with the altitude sickness. The hike to the summit is a mediate hike, if you are not sure if you will make it, you can try and turn around any time you wish, as there is only one road!

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Along the way there are swings that are a perfect spot for a picture and a break!

Also, for the animal lovers, there is the option to ride horses! They have different trail rides, for example to the summit or a lake nearby.

A perfect place for a day trip!

Written by: Kyra Boogert