Best coffee places in Quito by Ecuatraveling

Best coffee places in Quito

Written by Ecuatraveling

Coffee beans are passionately cultivated in diverse parts of Ecuador, giving rise to a variety of coffees with unique properties. The Intag Valley is located two hours north of Quito, near the western foothills of the Andes Mountains. Arabica coffee beans are renowned for having the ideal combination of acidity, sweetness, and bitterness. This delicious flavor is obtained thanks to the elevation of the region. The majority of the nation's Robusta coffee beans are grown in the northwest Pichincha province. With a high acidity, body, and nuanced scent, this region offers the most complex and varied coffee. As for the coffee from Loja, in the south, it has a distinct acidity, a medium sweetness, and a subtle scent. Moreover, the Galapagos Islands are one of the most distinctive coffee-growing areas in the world. Here, the rich volcanic soil and chilly air combine to produce coffee that is flavorful, well-rounded, and balanced. Compared to coffee from high altitudes, this region's coffee is also less acidic. In a nutshell, the biodiversity of Ecuador results in the best tasting coffee in the world.

Quito being the biggest city of Ecuador and renowned for its gastronomy, it is only natural that I went on a quest for best coffee in the capital! One of my main criteria was to be able to work in a café with my laptop. Below is the list of the cafés I liked the most:

Coffee Factory - Known for very good quality coffee and a good place to work with a laptop, but expensive since everything is local.

Img 3428

Img 3430 2

Querubin - A well-located coffee place in the old town of Quito, with good coffee and lunch options. If you want to get a quick coffee or something to eat while visiting the historic neighborhood, this is the place to be.

Img 3457

Fankør Coffee - A nice and quiet coffee place that is easily accessible by Uber, and a good place to work or study while having a coffee. It is located in the neighborhood Floresta, 15 minutes away from old town and 10 minutes away from the new part of town.

Img 3497

7 campanarios café de Ecuador- A coffee place located at the Plaza Grande in Quito. They serve high-quality coffee with the option to choose a delicious cake besides it.

Img 3624 2

El Gallo del 8 1/2 - A greatly decorated place with a large selection of products. Although there are not a lot of outlets available, it is a very nice place to work at and excellent for casual meetings.

Img 4998

Img 5004

Café Europa – A place where you can take your time while enjoying a good coffee. They have lots of options for food and drinks. This café is located in the new part of Quito and 20 minutes away from the old town.

Republica del Cacao - A slightly expensive coffee place with two locations in Quito (old town and new part of town). Here you can enjoy a very good coffee while relaxing in a trendy environment.

Overall, it seems like each of these coffee places has its own unique character and features that make them a great choice for coffee lovers in Quito who would like to work while sipping a coffee.

Written by: Iléne van Workum




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