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Good news: the Galápagos Islands will be Covid-free by June 2021! by Ecuatraveling

Good news: the Galápagos Islands will be Covid-free by June 2021!

Written by Ecuatraveling

All around the Galápagos archipelago, inhabitants over the age of 18 queue up to get immunised against Covid-19. The vaccination campaign started slowly at the beginning of 2021 in the Galápagos Islands and its pace has been increasing, especially in the last few weeks.

Currently, according to the Minister of Health, 99.7% of the Islands' population has already received at least one of the two vaccine doses. And by the 29th of May, the second doses of the vaccine will be completed for more than 14,000 people, leading to an almost total coverage of the adult population by the end of May. In addition, as of the 19th of May, adolescents over the age of 16 can now receive their first doses of the vaccine too.

These promising figures can be explained by the mass vaccination campaign implemented in the archipelago; a measure rather well received by the local population as it symbolised the promise of a reactivation of the islands.

Indeed, with the local economy relying heavily on tourism, immunisation was considered a determining factor in the success of the Galápagos Islands' recovery.

Thus, the objective since the beginning of 2021 was to vaccinate the highest possible percentage of the population to be able to guarantee that the Galápagos archipelago is a safe place to come for national and international visitors.

And the challenge was successfully met! Indeed, it is expected that between the 14th and 15th of June 2021, the very last second doses of the vaccine will be inoculated and, as a result, 100% of people over 18 years old will be vaccinated in the Galápagos Islands.  

Such good news opens the door to new travel opportunities in a safe environment! In June, the Galápagos archipelago will welcome you with open arms. So take your hiking shoes, your sunglasses and your diving mask and let the Galápagos Islands tempt you!