Covid-19 Vaccination in the Galapagos Islands by Ecuatraveling

Covid-19 Vaccination in the Galapagos Islands

Written by Ecuatraveling

Galapagos Islands is one of the first provinces in Ecuador to receive and successfully manage Covid-19 vaccine operations.  According to the president of the Government Council of the Galapagos Islands, on March 11, 5.000 Covid-19 vaccines were delivered to local authorities. Islands such as Isabela, Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, and Floreana were marked as the prioritized focus of attention and received vaccinations within the first 48 hours after the arrival. 

Up to date, Galapagos is the leading province in Ecuador in completing Phase 1 of Covid-19 vaccinations that includes the elderly, vulnerable groups, medical personnel, members of the public force and education system. To establish a good functioning logistics system and vaccinate the largest number of the population, the province authorities distributed 17 vaccination points in the four islands mentioned above.

Undoubtedly, the Tourism and Hospitality industries play a significant role in the development of the Galapagos province and the sustainability of local businesses. Thus, to ensure the safety of arriving tourists our team traveled to the Galapagos and conducted research on the process of vaccinating local people directly involved in tourism-related activities. The findings state that 70% of Isabela and 60 % of San Cristobal Islands’ population has received Covid-19 vaccinations, the majority of them working in tourism institutions. Moreover, it is important to note that only tourists with negative PCR tests are permitted to enter the territory of the islands. 

 These are the positive news that guarantees a healthy environment in the area and gives us an opportunity to welcome back our guests from all over the world. The times of pandemic were struggling but it also allowed us to take advantage of the time and deepen into improving our tours and programs. Now, we are back with fresh itineraries and numerous activities to enjoy at the Galapagos Islands: cruise ships, diving to discover under marine life, hiking volcanoes, exploring islands, meeting local animals, watching beautiful sunsets, learning the history of the creation of the area and so much more. Make a step to one of the most unforgettable experiences in Ecuador and we make sure your stay is full of joy and memories. We miss you, Galapagos awaits you!


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