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Best Gourmet Experiences in Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Islands by Ecuatraveling

Best Gourmet Experiences in Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Islands

Written by Ecuatraveling

Puerto Ayora is a prosperous coastal town in central Galapagos located on the southern shore of Santa Cruz Island. Unlike other islands where you will see more wildlife and nature, Puerto Ayora is the most populous and hospitality-friendly. This means a visit to Puerto Ayora should definitely be included to the list of good places to eat. So here it is:

  • Isla Grill

isla grill puerto ayora

Isla Grill is a grill house restaurant that serves various foods including Ecuadorian, seafood, vegetarian/vegan dishes, gluten-free options, and of course meat. The most tempting charm of the place is the beautiful blue ocean views from the patio. Also, it has a rich bar menu to enjoy evenings with friends.

  • Almar

almar puerto ayora

Almar specializes in a variety of fresh seafood and meats cooked with an Argentinean and Galapagos-Ecuadorian passion. They work with local suppliers such as farmers, fishermen, and local livestock producers to ensure they bring the freshest ingredients to their guests while seeking to benefit the islands’ inhabitants in the process.

One of the top priorities of the restaurant owner is sustainability. Over 80% of all products are acquired on Santa Cruz, the same island where both Galapagos Habitat and Almar are located. These local products include octopus, codfish, tuna, vegetables, fruits, chicken, coffee, and more.

  • El Muelle de Darwin

El Muelle de Darwin

El Muelle de Darwin represents itself as a sophisticated restaurant with a cozy environment. The menu is rich in all types of drinks and dishes: alcoholic/nonalcoholic beverages, hot drinks, seafood, barbecue, pasta, and many more. The place can be appealing for families with kids because it offers a childrens’ menu. The interior design is a mild wooden style that truly creates a congenial atmosphere.

  • The Rock

This lively restaurant on the main strip serves up seafood and grilled dishes, including peppery seared tuna, pork ribs with pineapple salsa, and linguini with coconut and lobster. For something lighter (and cheaper), the big menu also features pasta, quesadillas, and sandwiches. It is a great place to go for beer and music after a long beach day.

the rock puerto ayora

  • El Descanso del Guia

If you want something simple and home-style food, El Descanso del Guia is a place you should go. The menu offers typical Ecuadorian plates such as bolon (mashed green plantain), fried eggs, patacones (fried green plantain), rice, and seafood as well. 

El Descanso del Guia

In conclusion, anywhere you go in Puerto Ayora you will have a delicious meal, especially seafood, however, these are the 5 places we recommend according to our years of experience. Enjoy food, enjoy drinks, enjoy the Galapagos!

Written by Nargiza Erkinova