Waita Lodge: a sustainable stay in the Amazon Jungle by Ecuatraveling

Waita Lodge: a sustainable stay in the Amazon Jungle

Written by Ecuatraveling

Ecuador is well-known for its diverse ecosystems. Indeed, despite its small size, the country on the Ecuadorian line is also called the "Country of the Four Worlds": Andes, Galapagos, coast and the Amazon jungle. Each of them has their own wildlife and ecosystems that attract tourists looking for nature. The Amazon Rainforest in particular is home to a various number of species: monkeys, birds, insects which all interact and coexist in this beautiful environment.


A rich ecosystem

Deep in the Amazon Rainforest, is the Cuyabeno Reserve, a magical place with more than 500 types of birds, more than 70 types of reptiles, more than 180 different types of fish, 145 types of mammals, and a huge number of insects, with species that still need to be discovered and identified.

The objective of Waita Lodge is to contribute to the protection of this rich and beautiful ecosystem by offering a responsible way of experiencing the Amazon Jungle.

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A community-based initiative

Waita Lodge is the only travel project that involves the local community in the Cuyabeno Reserve.

44 people of the local community work for and with the Lodge, performing tasks like maintenance, housekeeping, guiding, and selling arts and crafts. Working at Waita Lodge provides a sustainable alternative to working in the oil fields for the local people.

Such an initiative is important to educate the local community to care about their environment and learn how to limit their impact on it to preserve the Amazon’s resources.

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A sustainable lodge

Along with working with the local people, the lodge itself in the way it is run tries to be as eco-friendly as possible. For instance, the electricity is used sparingly, the generator being turned on only a few hours a day and turned off all night, letting way to all the sounds of the jungle. As a result, there is no trace of
wi-fi at Waita Lodge, enhancing the feeling of disconnecting from the outside world and reconnecting with nature.

Moreover, the delicious food cooked in the kitchen is mostly made from local ingredients. Sustainability is a goal that the owners aim towards, and they are continuously looking for methods to improve the facilities in order to reduce the overall impact on the environment.

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So, if you’re looking for an experience of disconnection, in the middle of a natural reserve, while being responsible, Eco-friendly and in touch with the local community, Waita Lodge is the best option for you!

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