The Best Lodge at the Cuyabeno Reserve by Ecuatraveling

The Best Lodge at the Cuyabeno Reserve

Written by Ecuatraveling

The Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador is blessed with a wonderful variety of wildlife, spectacular scenery and lodge options. The Ecuador Amazon Rainforest is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Ecuador, especially if you love nature and adventure. This list features a selection of the best lodges in the Ecuadorian Rainforest in diverse locations and with a variety of styles.


This lodge offers the most authentic and private exploration of the Amazon rainforest. The Lodge is located on the banks of the Cuyabeno River in the lower part of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, with 10 cabins built in the traditional style of the jungle.

Each cabin is divided into 2 rooms, with availability for single, double and triple accommodation. All rooms have private bathrooms, as well as a small porch outfitted with a hammock. Purified drinking water and a hot beverage 

At Waita Lodge, they are working closely with the communities. It is the only community-based travel initiative in Cuyabeno Reserve. 44 members of the local community work with and for the Lodge: these people take care of the maintenance, housekeeping, guiding, providing arts and crafts for sale…

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Here are the different programs of the Waita Lodge:

Paddle Board 4 Days

Paddle Board 5 Days

Cuyabeno tour 4 Days

Cuyabeno tour 5 Days

Zancudococha 6 Days

Lagartococha 7 Days

You can contact Ecuatraveling for more information about the lodges.

Written by Clémence Aubry

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