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Peru to Colombia: The places not to miss in Ecuador!

Peru to Colombia: The places not to miss in Ecuador!

Written by Ecuatraveling

Nowadays you are a lot of Backpacker traveling all around Latin America.  We recommend you to make a stop in Ecuador to discover the beauty of this diverse South American country!

Here is the list of the best places to visit while you are in Ecuador. I can recommend  you 3 to 4 weeks to visit them all:


Cuenca is the second most important colonial town of Ecuador and the first big city that arrived from Peru. What can you do here? Visit the city, the churches and do some day trips to Ingarpirca or the Parque Nacional de Las Cajas.

Guayaquil 1024x684.jpg

Guayaquil is the beating commercial heart of Ecuador. From here you can visit nearby small cities on the coast and enjoy all that a harbor city can offer. From this location you can also easily take a plane to visit the amazing Galapagos Islands!

Montañita is a great town for Backpackers to party the night and go to relax to the beach during the day!

Puerto Lopez is another town on the coast, which is a bit quieter. Here you can relax on the beach, do some snorkeling or day trips to “la Isla de la Plata” and you may get lucky and spot some whales!

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Riobamba is the city you need to go if you would like to climb or do some hikes on the Chimborazo volcano (6310m). The Chimborazo is the highest mountain in the world! You can also organize some day tours to the famous train,  “La Nariz del Diablo.”

Baños is a small town that is famous for its water and extreme activities. Here you can do Canopy, Rafting and Canyoning just to name a few! Baños is also a backpacker´s town where there are many parties at night.

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Tena is the first town in the Jungle. If you don’t have much time to go in a Lodge deep in the  jungle, Tena is a good compromise. Here you can spot lots of different wildlife and still be in a town.

Papallacta is a small town very known for its thermal station! You can spend a day or two in relaxing in its hot springs.

Quito capital city is known as the most beautiful colonial city of Latin America!! You can visit many churches, museums and go to the cable car to enjoy a hike on the closest mountain. Also you can arrange some day tour from here!

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Quilotoa is a beautiful crater lake. During the tour you will visit a traditional market or an Andean town, hike down to the lagoon in the crater and up again and visit a traditional family.

Cotopaxi is the highest active volcano of Ecuador. Due to recent activity we cannot climb it but during the tour you will hike to Limpiopungo Lake, and enjoy a part of mountain biking in the area as well (optional).

Mindo is a beautiful rainforest where you can visit a butterfly farm, enjoy a waterfall walking, do some Canopy (ziplining), spot lots of birds and visit a chocolate factory!

Cayambe is a volcano situated in the north of Quito where you can enjoy mountain biking or horseback riding!

Otavalo is a small town close to Quito. It is very famous for its indigenous market where you can find every kind of souvenir made from local people.

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Cuyabeno Reserve is the best place if you wish to enjoy a real and unique jungle experience! You can spend 4 to 6 days here doing night walks, canoeing, enjoying good food and being immersed in all the magic of a rain forest jungle.  You will also spot lots of birds, pink dolphins, monkeys, snakes, insects and much more!

Written by Manon Renaux