How Ecuatraveling supports the Kichwa community by Ecuatraveling

How Ecuatraveling supports the Kichwa community

Written by Ecuatraveling

Ecuatraveling partner with Waita Lodge, the only community-based project in the Cuyabeno Reserve, to offer their travelers the most incredible experience there is in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.

Wondering why Waita Lodge is the best place to stay in the jungle? Keep reading to discover it all!

  1. Owned and run by the local community
    Waita Lodge is exclusively owned and managed by members of the local community, known as the Kichwa community. Local residents are employed in different roles, such as hospitality, cooking, and guiding. By creating employment opportunities, Waita Lodge, and therefore Ecuatraveling, support the local economy and improve the standard of living of the Kichwa indigenous people in the region.


  1. Training & Education for the local community
    Additionally, Ecuatraveling encourage training in hospitality and tourism in order to provide the local residents with the skills they need to develop and run tourism projects. As a result, the Kichwa people are empowered to manage the tourism activity affecting their daily life in a way that works for them. This method is ultimately the only one to make a project successful and sustainable. Training enables the creation of a skilled workforce in the reserve and thus supports local economic development in the long term.


  1. Environmental conservation
    Waita Lodge is an ecolodge that apply and promote sustainable practices. For example, water is continually recycled, towels are not washed during your stay unless requested, electricity is available only from 18:00 to 22:00, signs sensibilize travelers about their water consumption and the importance of this resource, the lodges are built with bamboo, meals are prepared with locally sourced and seasonal products, hygiene products are biodegradable, no single-use plastic is used, and a water-bottle refill station is provided instead of plastic bottles. Thanks to these numerous actions, Waita Lodge help preserve the local environment and ensure its longevity for future generations.


  1. Cultural preservation
    Employing members of the Kichwa community do not only benefit the locals but also you, the travelers. Staying in Waita Lodge offers you the opportunity to learn about the indigenous culture, traditions and heritage directly from them and not from an outsider. You have the great chance to discover the amazing ecosystem of the Amazon jungle with a native of the area and to gain knowledge on the fauna and flora through their eyes. During your stay, you will also have a little presentation about the different indigenous peoples of Ecuador.

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Ecuatraveling pride itself in partnering with Waita Lodge and offering a one-a-of-kind experience in the Cuyabeno Reserve where you truly get to know the local culture. We believe that this type of program is more meaningful than visiting indigenous villages, where the experiences are usually staged, less authentic, and potentially harmful to the members of the community. Booking your experience in the Amazon rainforest with Ecuatraveling means supporting the local community economically and educationally while promoting environmental conservation and cultural preservation

Written By: Louise Cornilleau

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