Everything you need to know before going to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador by Ecuatraveling

Everything you need to know before going to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador

Written by Ecuatraveling

When going to the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador you can choose between travelling to the national park of Yasuni or the Cuyabeno Reserve . The Ecuadorian Amazon is home to no less than 1,400 different animal species, including 200 mammals, 121 reptiles and nearly 600 bird species. That’s not including the 70,000 types of insects and the 1,000 species of trees.

No wonder why the Amazon rainforest is on many people’s bucket lists. But before starting your trip there, here are the things you should know before visiting the Amazon.

What is the best time to go?

One of the good things about Ecuadorian Amazon is that you can visit it all year long, so you can start planning your trip at any time with Ecuatraveling! The weather is divided into 2 seasons during the year: wet season (July to November) and dry season (December to June). The year-round temperature average is 82°F (28°C), however, nights can be cooler.

While packing to go to the Amazon, you need to prepare your luggage depending on the month that you are planning to go. You need to protect your electronic devices from the humidity. What we suggest is to put your valuables in zip-lock bags.

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How to go there?

To enter the Amazon you will usually have to go first to Lago Agrio for the Cuyabeno Reserve and Coca for the Yasuni Reserve, transports will be arranged by the lodges from then on. Then, you will have about 2 hours of bus ride left before starting to discover the forest by canoe.

You have 3 main options to reach Lago Agrio or Coca from Quito:

  • The public bus 

  • The private collective shuttle

  • Flight

To go to Lago Agrio, the journey by public transport is usually done at night (departure at 23h00 from Quitumbe Terminal, arrival at 6h00) while the return journey is done on the last day of your stay (departure at 15h00, arrival at 22h00). 

To go to Coca buses can be taken from the Quitumbe terminal. You have daily service to Coca, departing every hour beginning at 6 until noon. The journey lasts about 8 hours.

From Baños, Cuenca and even from Tulcan or Guayaquil, you also have buses. Don't forget to ask at the bus station.

Ecuatraveling trips to the Amazone:

Paddle Board Laguna Grande

Cuyabeno Reserve

Yasuni National Park

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Where you will stay?

Lodge is the most famous accommodation in the Amazon. A kind of hotel in the forest, the lodge generally offers small group stays in an all-inclusive formula to ensure you will enjoy your stay in the Amazon forest. 

A guide will also accompany you throughout your stay to help you discover the treasures of the region. Depending on the Lodge and the region, the program is more or less oriented towards nature or culture. It can also be more or less flexible according to your desires.

In these lodges, you’ll usually stay in a comfortable twin-share or double cabin with an ensuite bathroom. Rooms will be kitted out with mosquito nets.

Ecuatraveling Lodges:

Waita Lodge: The newest and deepest in the jungle with unique itineraries.

Nicky Lodge: Number 1 rated lodge Trip Advisor.

Dolphin Lodge: For budget travellers.

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What can you see?

Even if Ecuador has only access to one the smallest pieces of the Amazon Rainforest, it has the most diverse ecosystem of them all, with a lot of plants and animals.

The guide will help you to spot thousands of species, from the sneaky boa to the red piranha, and back to caymans, jaguars, spider monkey, amazon pink river dolphin, and so many other different species.

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What kind of activities will you do ? 

During your stay in the Amazon, you can experience different types of activities such as bird watching,  day or night walk, motorized canoe trip, swimming in the river, watch a sunset, visit a community etc.
You need to keep in mind that the day’s schedule can change depending on the local weather.

What are the most important things to pack ? 

Here is a list of 10 things you will find really helpful in the Amazone:

  1. Long sleeve t-shirt
  2. Hat or Cap
  3. Glasses
  4. Insect repellent 
  5. Sunblock
  6. Zip-lock bags
  7. Flashlight with spare batteries
  8. Camera
  9. Swimsuit
  10. Raincoat

Now that you have all your answers, what are you waiting for to explore the Ecuadorian jungle?

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Written by Clémence Aubry

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