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Best places to surf in Ecuador

Written by Ecuatraveling

With its 2.337km coastline and more than 50 beaches, Ecuador is the country that attracts more and more surfers every year. Indeed, Ecuador caters beaches for all levels of surfers and for every taste. Beach break, reef break, point break.

Indeed, the Ecuadorian coast offers a good cocktail between big waves, amazing sunsets and breathtaking landscapes.

However, you are wondering where you should go surfing in Ecuador? Don’t search any further, we are going to tell you everything you need to enjoy some time off on the coast!

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You can go surfing in different areas of Ecuador all these areas offer different types of waves:

Mompiche: Located 400km from Quito, Mompiche is a small fishing village. If you are searching for uncrowded beaches, this is definitely where you should go. The waves there are all about long tubular rides in perfect scenery. It will cost you between 10$ and 15$ to rent a board for the day. You can also take surf classes with La Facha!

How to get there? From Quito, you can go there by bus. It will take you approximately 8-9 hours and you will need to make a stop at Esmeralda to take another bus that goes to Mompiche. You can also fly with Tame company that offers flights every day from Quito to Esmeralda.

Canoa: The city is located in the province of Manabí. It has a large beach, ideal for surfing, but you can also do other activities such as paragliding, water skiing and more. Waves of around 2 meters roll in regularly with left and right shoulders available when the conditions are really good. The Canoa Surf Academy will be delighted to give you a surf lesson.

How to get there? From Quito, you can take the bus to the terminal Quitumbe to go to Bahiía de Caraquez. From there a 20 minutes bus ride will take you to Cano.

Montanita: This is the Ecuadorian surf capital. It is the surf paradise for many. The city is also famous for its numerous parties. Indeed, Montanita has a vibrant nightlife! It is really easy to book a surf lesson or a board there. We recommend Balsa Surf Camp. This is one of the top reviewed surf schools. They offer classes from 25$ for 90minutes!

How to get there: You will need to make a stop in Guayaquil if you arrive from Quito. From there you can take another bus that goes straight to Montanita. A direct bus leaves at 6 different times.

During the day: 5:45 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 1 p.m 3 p.m, 4:30 P.m, 6:00 p.m. It will cost you around $3.

Ayampe: is a clean-living haven located 500 km from Quito. The town focuses on surf, yoga, and tranquility. The beach break, breaking right and left depending on the swell offers a wide variety of options for all levels of surfers. Early in the morning, you will find no winds with perfect glassy conditions guaranteed. If you are traveling without your board, small shops will provide you with a board. It will cost you around 15 dollars for the day. For a surf lesson, you can contact Otra Ola. It will cost you 25$ for a group class and 45$ for a private one.

How to go there? The town is located just 30 minutes north of Montanita. So If you are in Montanita, you can take a bus straight to Ayampe. It will cost you around 1,50$. From Quito you can take the bus with different companies: Copetartiva Carlos Alberto Aray or Reina del Camino. They have morning and night schedules to the city of Puerto López. From that city, you can take a taxi or another bus (Manglaralto bus) to Ayampe.

Olon: It has a very long beautiful beach, which has a great surf breaking left and right. The wind changes everyday but surfing there tends to always be good. The break is suitable for different types of surfers: beginners looking to surf white water but also for intermediate surfers who want to practice their skills. If you want to rent a board it will cost $12 a day and it can be even cheaper if you rent it for longer. Outdoor Ecuador offers private lessons (2hours) for only 25$!

How to go there? To go to Olon from Quito you will need to go through Guayaquil (2nd city of the country with no more than 4 million habitants). You can take the bus from Quitumbe Terminal. (The price ticket is approximately 12$). It is also possible to fly from Quito to Guayaquil! It will save you some time because it takes 8hours by bus and only 1H45 by plane. From there you can take another bus that will arrive in Olon. From there you need to add 3 more hours to your trip to arrive at the final destination!

The Galapagos: With the variety of waves and the mind-blowing wildlife these magical islands should be on every surfer’s bucket list. This beach is located 1400km from Quito. The Island of San Cristobal is the most known for its surf tourism. The waves there are undeniably unique because it picks up North and South Pacific swells! But sometimes, it is quite hard to get to those reef breaks and sometimes even impossible. You need to know that this is also more expensive to surf in the Galapagos than on the main island. WaterWays or LavaWave provide really good surf camp. For surf lessons on Isabela island, you can contact Galapagos Bike & Surf (It costs 45$ per person for2h30). There the waves are best suited for beginners.

How to go there? The Galapagos are a province of Ecuador, the archipelago lies nearly 1,000 km off its coast. 3 different airlines fly to the Galapagos. The three airlines flying to the Galápagos Islands are Tame / Avianca / LAN . All operate two-morning flights daily from Quito via Guayaquil or without a stop to the Isla Baltra airport (two hours).

When is the best season to surf in Ecuador? The most recommended season to surf in Ecuador is between November and March being the primary swell season. During those times the wind is mostly off shore which creates even better conditions to surf.

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You just need to bring a swimsuit and some sunscreen in your suitcase and you will be ready to take those Ecuadorian breaks!

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Written by Clémence Aubry

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