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7 Ecuador Futbol Fun Facts We Should Know by Ecuatraveling

7 Ecuador Futbol Fun Facts We Should Know

Written by Ecuatraveling

Whether living in Ecuador or just visiting, it doesn’t take long to notice a country full of passionate futbol fans. Join the fun! Do you know these 7 basic facts about the National Team?

1)Devoted fans around Ecuador call their professional futbol league the Serie A or the Primera A team.


2) The team’s home field is in Quito at Estadio Olimpico Atahualpa where nearly 41,000 fans can show up to support the team.

Estadio Atahualpa Ecuador Vs Brazil March 2009.jpg

3) Both Ecuador visitors and residents can purchase tickets to national games. If you miss the original sale, you can purchase tickets from ticket vendors outside the stadium the week of games at an upscale price.

4) Whether lucky enough to have a spot inside the stadium or are watching from a bar somewhere in Ecuador, fans young and old proudly wear their neon yellow jerseys on game days and cheer on every play.

5) Jerseys have varied minimally over the years with each version based on the colours of the national flag and including the national crest.

6) The National team has never won a FIFA World Cup Title. The best historical performance came in 2006 when the team made it to the 16th final and finished in 12th place.

7) With 2018 FIFA qualifying game number 5 on Thursday the 24th of March, the team is doing great this year! Ecuador has beaten Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Venezuela to set up a 4-0 record.


Written by: Betsy Maria D.