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18 Days Adventure for Two in Machu Picchu & Ecuador - Complete Exploration

5500 USD
Cusco   Machu Picchu Llama by Ecuatraveling
18 Days Adventure for Two in Machu Picchu & Ecuador - Complete Exploration
5500 USD


Explore the wonders of Peru and Ecuador on this comprehensive 18-day adventure designed for two. Begin in Lima and discover its vibrant culture and rich history. Travel to Cusco and the Sacred Valley, culminating in a visit to the iconic Machu Picchu.

Next, journey to Ecuador where you'll explore the Galapagos Islands, experiencing unique wildlife and stunning landscapes. Continue to the Amazon Rainforest, where you'll immerse yourself in the natural beauty and diverse ecosystems. This tour offers a perfect blend of adventure, cultural immersion, and breathtaking scenery.

Check the itinerary for more details and start planning your ultimate exploration today!

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Tour Details


After your arrival to Cusco, we will pick you up at your hotel around 8:00 and drive to the amazing Sacred Valley, where your cultural excursion begins. After driving through spectacular Andean landscapes, yellow wheat fields, picturesque traditional villages and snow-capped mountains for 1h15, we will arrive in Moray, the magnificent Inca agricultural laboratory. In Moray, your guide will show you around the amphitheater-like terraced structures. These terraces, carved in a circular series to create a bowl shape, are believed to have been used as a testing ground for various crops, in order to find the most optimal growing conditions. This incredible sight gives a real insight into the genius of the Inca Empire.

After exploring Moray, we will head to Maras, only 3 km (2 miles) away. Here, we'll see the amazing salt evaporation ponds that were used by the Incas and quite possibly by pre-Inca civilizations. More than 3,000 salt pools are carved into the mountainside in order to catch the highly salty water emerging from a spring in the mountain. The water, once in the ponds, evaporates and only leaves the salt behind. The salt is then collected via a communal process and is most famously used to make salt de Maras, the famous pink table salt. Looking down on those salt ponds, it seems like they are covered in snow or ice!

Finally, it is time to have lunch and to drop you off at your hotel, Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba Hotel, where you will enjoy the comfort of a deluxe room.



We'll pick you up at your hotel and drive to Pisac. There, we will visit the colourful traditional market where you can browse the array of local artisan work and other souvenirs. We'll spend about 30 minutes here and then head to the ruins of Pisac, which sit atop a hill at the entrance of the valley.

At Pisac Archeological site, we'll explore the extensive ruins through a guided tour and enjoy the beautiful views across the valley. You'll pass through various structures that once served as homes, storage rooms and temples. You'll also see Inca altars, carvings, tunnels, caves and the famous Intihuatana, the hitching post of the sun. We plan on spending about 90 minutes at the ruins but if you'd prefer having more time at the market, you can arrange it with your guide.

Afterwards, we'll drive to Urubamba, where we'll have a delicious lunch. We will then reach the wonderful Inca town and archeological site of Ollantaytambo. This city was the royal estate of the Inca emperor Pachacuti, who conquered the region and built the town and a ceremonial center. We'll spend about 1 hour exploring these magnificent ruins, visiting the amazing Temple of the Sun and admiring massive blocks of rock that were perfectly carved and polished by master Inca stonemasons. Ollantaytambo is also a fine example of Inca agricultural construction and hydro-engineering, as the complex series of stone water fountains, channels and agricultural terraces (arranged so to create different microclimates for crop experimentation) prove it. 

We will finally return to Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba Hotel.



Our tour begins in Ollantaytambo, where we'll pick you up and head to the train station to catch the 11:30 train to Aguas Calientes, also known as Machu Picchu Pueblo. The 2-hour journey is a memorable experience in itself as we pass through river canyons and rolling hills. Aguas Calientes is the getaway to Machu Picchu, sitting in a deep gorge at the foot of the mountain upon which Machu Picchu is located.

After the train ride, you will settle in your superior room at Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel. We recommend that you rest as you will have to wake up early the next morning.



To best appreciate Machu Picchu, we have to get there early. After breakfast, the guide will pick you up around 5:40 and we'll walk to the bus departure point. The short but zigzagging bus ride will take us up to the Machu Picchu. Once passed the gates of the archeological site, we'll begin our guided walking tour with an experienced and highly knowledgeable guide. This 2-hour tour will take us to all the most spectacular parts of the extensive complex: the House of the Guardian, Intihuatana, the Temple of the Sun, and the Sacred Plaza, among others. As we walk around, we'll have spectacular views across the agricultural terraces and the surrounding mountains and plunging gorges.

When the tour ends, we'll hop on the bus back down to Aguas Calientes, where you will be able to relax and have lunch. Then, we'll take the train back to Ollantaytambo and Cusco and drive you to your hotel Casa Andina - a Luxury Collection Hotel (or similar). Once in your classic room, you'll have time to reflect on the extraordinary experience you just lived! 



After breakfast, we will drive to the airport and catch our flight to Quito. Upon arrival, one of our representatives will be waiting for you to take you to your Hotel Dann Carlton (or similar).



We begin our day with a visit of one of the most beautiful parts of Quito - the Historic Old Town, located in the centre of the capital city. The name itself resonates with wonder and romances. Designated by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site, Quito is regarded as the most beautiful and stylish city in the Andes. The Panecillo (the Little Bread Loaf) rises over the southern edge of the old town. This hill is dominated by a magnificent 30-m (100-ft) high crowned statue of the Virgen of Quito. A long flight of stairs leads to the summit where you can see Quito spreading out like a blanket of pearl-white miniature houses enclosed by green hills. 

In the afternoon, our guide will take you to the Equator Line! Take your picture at the Mitad del Mundo as you stand simultaneously in the Southern and the Northern hemispheres. Learn about the rich culture of Ecuador with a visit to the Equator Museum. During our stop at Museum Intiyan, you can see for yourself the uniqueness of this midpoint: watch the water swirl down the drain clockwise and counter-clockwise or defy gravity by balancing an egg on the tip of a nail! After this entertaining afternoon, we will take you back to Dann Carlton (or similar).



Today, you get to explore the largest indigenous handicrafts market in Latin America! Experience the colourful and lively indigenous handicrafts of Otavalo market, known internationally for its intricate weavings, beautiful jewellery and handmade crafts. The local indigenous people, also called Otavalos, still wear their traditional attire. Don't hesitate to approach these worldly people who are always eager to have a chat and are open to bargain! 

Afterwards, we will head to Laguna Cuicocha, a volcanic crater lake at the foot of Volcano Cotacachi. Enjoy the panoramic views in the beautiful nature! Our final stop will be in the town of Cayambe,  where you will taste the famous and delicious bizcochos - biscuits cooked over an open fire and eaten with cheese and dulce de leche. On our way, you can admire the amazing landscapes, especially the view of Lago San Pablo

You can finally relax and enjoy the comfort of your hotel room at Dann Carlton (or similar).



Explore the diverse natural landscapes of Ecuador on this private tour to Mindo Cloud Forest Reserve! You will have the opportunity to hike to gorgeous waterfalls and rushing rivers amid the tropical rainforest and catch sight of unique species of butterflies, hummingbirds, insects and many more. During your hike, customised to your comfort level, your expert guide will inform you about the flora and fauna of this amazing ecosystem - from the mossy forest floor to the green canopy. This trip is ideal for outdoor enthusiast and bird-lovers! Night at Dann Carlton (or similar). 



We will drive up to 4,000 m (13,123 ft) through the western range of the Andes, on a road between 2 national reserves - Antisana and Cayambe Coca. Both are located in the high-altitude paramo and known for its short vegetation and for being the home of some incredible animals, such as bears, deers, pumas, Andean condors, and caracaras. After enjoying the great views this landscape offers, we will arrive at Papallacta Hot Springs. Here, we will relax and enjoy soaking in the volcanic pools surrounded by green mountains with colourful flowers and birdlife!

We will be able to enjoy this unique atmosphere as long as you want since we will spend the night at Hotel Termas de Papallacta



Early in the morning, we will descend a curvy road towards the Amazon Basin. Notice how the vegetation and landscapes change drastically as we descend from 3,000 m (9,843 ft) to 500 m (1,640 ft). Our first stop will be at Guango Lodge, where we will observe different species of hummingbirds in their natural habitat. These small and colourful creatures are famous for their incredible capacity to flap their wings rapidly (up to 80 beats per second for the smallest species) and for their bright colors. After driving for 1 hour, we will stop at the Macaw Look-Out to appreciate the Amazon tropical rainforest. This name comes from the warrior women that fought the Spanish conquistadores during their expedition to this unknown place. We will finally arrive at Selina Eco Lodge, our accommodation during our stay in the jungle.



In the morning, we will take a motorised canoe down the largest river in Ecuador, Napo River, to experience the feeling of navigating on one of the main tributaries of the Amazon River. Upon arrival at the Amazonico Rescue Animal Center, we will have the opportunity to see many different species of monkeys, capybaras, caimans, ocelots, toucans, parrots and many more living in the area. After approximately 1 hour, we will get back on the boat and head to Ahuano Village with the purpose of appreciating the skills of the indigenous women manufacturing handmade pottery (ceramics). This is the main handicraft and source of income of this area. We will enjoy our lunch by the river before canoeing upstream through the pristine forest, back to Selina Eco Lodge. We will spend the afternoon relaxing in the jungle and enjoying the facilities of this incredible lodge.

For those who would like to participate, there is an optional night walk in the forest after dinner.



Today, we are returning to Quito by private transportation. Depending on our arrival time, you will have time to relax in your hotel, Wyndham Airport, or further explore the city. 



In the morning, we will take our 2-hour flight to the Baltra Airport. After the short boat ride to Santa Cruz Island, we will drive for 45 minutes to Puerto Ayora. After checking in at Hotel Fiesta Puerto Ayora, we will start our adventure by walking to Tortuga Bay. This beautiful place will give us the opportunity to observe different species, such as white-tipped sharks, sea lions, marine iguanas, and colourful fish while kayaking.

In the late afternoon, we will have some free time to enjoy the sunset on the beach.



After a very healthy breakfast, we will hike to Grietas. In this unique place, we will have the chance to snorkel into a canyon formed by the sea water into the land. We will also be able to spot blue-footed boobies, red crabs, frigate birds, and other bird species. After lunch, we will take a speedboat to Isabela Island, where we will spend the night in Hotel La Laguna, settled right in front of the beach.



Early in the morning, after a delicious breakfast, we'll take an excursion to the Sierra Negra Volcano. This volcano is located 21 km (13 miles) away from Port Villamil and has the second-largest volcanic crater in the world, measuring about 9.7 km (6 miles) in diameter and 90 m (295 ft) deep. to arrive at this incredible sight, we will take a bus for 45 minutes to the Galapagos National Park, where we will register our visit. We will then be allowed to hike. 

Afterwards, we will proceed to Chico Volcano, where you can feel the warmth of the ground as proof of the volcanic activity. Here, we'll stop for a box lunch before returning to the hotel.

After a brief rest, we will sail to Tintoreras Islet. This tiny island got its name due to a large crevice with very clear water and calm water where white-tipped sharks (known as Tintoreras) come daily to rest at the bottom. We can also observe penguins, sea lions and marine iguanas while we enjoy the beaches of Isabela. Snorkeling with sharks and colourful fish is another possibility.





Today, we will take the speedboat back to Santa Cruz Island, where we will visit the Charles Darwin Research Station and its Interpretation Center. with the help go the IUCN/UNESCO and conservationists worldwide, the Charles Darwin Foundation was founded under Belgian Law in 1959. Since then, the CDF has been instrumental in stabilising the ecosystem and preserving the natural wonders the islands offer. Here, we will have a great opportunity to see and explore this famous place.





5500 USD


Air conditioning
Hot water
Private bathroom
Fitness room
Private room


Exploring the most impressive ruins of the Inca Empire

Observing amazing wildlife in "Galapagos" archipelago

Wandering around the oldest capital city of South America and the largest indigenous market of Latin America

Living the true Amazonian adventure

Trekking, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling


Flights: Cusco - Quito, Quito - Galapagos - Quito

All the excursions in Peru

Activities in Ecuador: hiking, trekking, birdwatching, canoeing, chocolate-making

Activities in Galapagos: kayaking, paddling, biking, snorkeling

Gear for the activities

All entrance fees

Accommodation: 3 nights in a first-class hotel in Quito, 1 night in a colonial hacienda, 1 night at Papallacta Spa Resort, 2 nights in Selina Tena, 4 nights in tourist-class hotel in Galapagos, 5 nights in 5* hotels in Peru


Meals: 14 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 3 dinners

Private certified and bilingual national guide and local guides

What'sNot Included

Galapagos National Park entrance fee: $100

Transit control card: $20

Travel insurance (mandatory)

Extra meals & additional beverages



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