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Embera Village Day Tour - Immerse in Panama's Indigenous Culture

140 USD
Embera Village Chagres Travelling Souls Panama 12 by Ecuatraveling
Embera Village Day Tour - Immerse in Panama's Indigenous Culture
140 USD


Join our Embera Village Day Tour and immerse yourself in Panama's rich indigenous culture. Departing from Panama City, you'll cruise the Chagres River in a traditional piragua, surrounded by stunning tropical scenery. Visit the Embera Drua village, where you'll be welcomed with traditional dances and a presentation of Embera customs. Enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by the Embera people, explore the village, and shop for handmade crafts. This tour offers a unique cultural experience and a chance to connect with Panama's indigenous heritage. Check the itinerary for more details and start planning your adventure today!

Embera Village Chagres Travelling Souls Panama 12



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Embara Village Day Tour

Tour details

7:30 - Departing from Panama City.

We will go to the port of Corotú, where the Embera awaits us with their piragua. We will sail on the Chagres River until we reach the “Quebrada Bonita” waterfall. There we will spend 1 hour enjoying the waterfall. Depending on the rainfall and the level of the river, the walk to reach the waterfall can vary between 5-15 minutes.

Then we will take the piragua again that will take us to our main destination: the town of Embera Drua. We will stay approximately 4 hours in the village, during which we will have a welcome speech, a presentation of the Embera people and their traditions, a lunch prepared by the Embera, a traditional dance demonstration and free time to walk through the village, talk with the Embera, and if you wish you can buy traditional crafts and make ephemeral tattoos with vegetable ink. After the activities, we will take the piragua back to the port, offering you the last views of the Chagres River, as well as its flora and fauna.

Min. 2 people


140 USD


Embera culture immersion

Chagres river authentic experience

Wonderful immersion into Panamanian nature


Private Transportation

Hotel pick-up and drop-off

Professional bilingual guide

Traditional Panamanian lunch cooked by the Embera

Piragua ride through the Chagres river

Visit to the authentic Embera village and to the Quebrada Bonita Waterfall

Demonstration of dance and traditional music

What'sNot Included

Purchase of handicrafts (prices vary between $3- $45+)

Ephemeral tattoos with natural Jagua ink (prices vary between $5- $10 /tattoo)


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