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Student Group Tour - Sample Itinerary (10 days)

from 1500 USD
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Student Group Tour - Sample Itinerary (10 days)
from 1500 USD


Are you looking for the perfect destination to have a once-in-a-lifetime vacation? Does your group consist of many people? And do you want it to be fully adapted to your personal wishes?

Look no further! Ecuatraveling has the best to offer for larger (student) groups and other kinds of groups.

We have put together an example itinerary of 10 days that combines beautiful destinations in the Ecuadorian Andes, the Amazon jungle, and our pristine coast. The itinerary can be 100% customized to your needs, desired time length, and budget.

Please contact us for more information and possibilities.


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Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Group/Student Tour

Example Sample Itinerary


Group/Student Tour

Day 1: Arrival in Quito
Today you will arrive in the colonial capital city Quito (2.800m). Our private transport, including English-speaking guide, will pick you up from the airport and will bring you to a comfortable hotel. Those that would like to discover the vibrant nightlife have the opportunity to do so in the area ‘La Mariscal’.

Day 2: Otavalo and Papallacta
Today will start early! After breakfast you will be brought to the indigenous market of Otavalo. Here you will see local art, clothing, bags, poncho’s and other handicrafts. After the market there will be a delicious lunch prepared in one of the best local restaurants. Afterwards you will be brought to the natural Hot Springs in Papallacta where you will have a complete relaxing end of the day. On the way to the hot springs, there will be several possibilities to stop and take photo’s of the breathtaking landscape of Ecuador’s Andean Mountain Range.

Day 3: Antisana and Quito Old Town City Tour
This day you will get to know one of the highest active volcanoes in the world, the Cotopaxi (5.897m). Going by mountain bike you will discover this special national park. Watch out for crossing lama’s or wild horses! After return to Quito you will enjoy a city tour through the beautiful old town of Quito.

Day 4: Quilotoa and Tena
Today you will be brought to the Quilotoa Crater, an enormous skye blue lagoon in the middle of an active volcano. You will hike down to the lagoon in a steep 30 minute descent. The hike up will take twice as long but is totally worth it because of the breathtaking mountainous scenery. You’ll continue today’s trip by travelling to the jungle. On the way you’ll stop at Zoorefugio Tarqui, where a local family runs a animal shelter for jungle animals. Think of jaguars, crocodiles, snakes and different species of monkeys. Afterwards we’ll drive to Tena to spend the night.

Day 5: Llanganates en Waysayacu
Today you’ll wake up in the jungle and after a hearty breakfast it’s time to start hiking in the Llanganates National Park. Here you’ll visit amazing waterfalls and authentic nature far away from the mass tourism routes. After this jungle adventure you’ll have the time to relax in the Waysayacu natural pools.

Day 6: Rafting and Baños
Time for some rafting! This morning will be marked by adventure, excitement and sensation on the Jatun Yacu river. After lunch you’ll be brought back to the hotel to change clothes. In the afternoon we’ll head to backpacker town Baños, where you’ll take a seat on the famous ‘swing at the end of the world’. After a delicious dinner we’ll depart around 11 pm to the coast.

Day 7: Montañita!
In the morning you’ll arrive in one of the most famous surf and party towns of South America. A lot of young travelers from Colombia, Peru, Chili but also Europe and the USA come here to party. After a nice dinner we’ll take you to the well-known cocktail street to try out some local and international drinks.

Day 8: Montañita!
Today will be another relaxing day with optional excursions like horseback riding, mountain biking, sky diving, surfing, snorkeling, fishing and – depending on the season – whale watching.

Day 9: Montañita!
More time to enjoy the beautiful beach and surroundings.

Day 10: Guayaquil
After breakfast we’ll bring you to Guayaquil from where you’ll fly back home.

This tour can be easily extended with a 5 day land based tour on the world famous Galapagos Islands!


From 1500 USD pp
Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours
Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours


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Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

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Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Antisana and Quito Old Town City Tour

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Rafting and Baños


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