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7 Days Trail Running Program

from 2200 USD
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7 Days Trail Running Program
from 2200 USD


The Andean region of Ecuador is well known because of the several stunning peaks you can see at one glance, amazing weather, and especially the easy access to high elevation. Ecuatraveling created a program where you will definitely feel challenged to excel past your own limits.

The 7 Days Trail Running Program combines interesting trail running paths with really good change of elevation, technical routes, and fantastic landscapes, everything accompanied by professional local trail runners.

This program will run all year long, areas to be visited are not affected by extreme weather conditions.


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Tour Details

7 Days Trail Running Program


Tour Details

Day 1: Welcome to Quito!

Today we are expecting to pick you up from the airport and go to the Hotel located in Carolina in Quito, our lead runner will meet with you in order to share some important information regarding the next days of the program. (Meals: Dinner)

Accommodation: Hotel Dann Carlton or Similar – Quito

Day 2: Introduction to the city!

Today we will have a combination of some short running and cultural activities, early in the morning after breakfast we will go to the Metropolitan park to have a “get loose your legs” run, we are aiming to run no further than 6 km, the idea is just to get used to the altitude and enjoy a morning run.

We will return to the hotel and get ready to go to explore the old town of Quito (this is a super worth it activity and will give us the opportunity to learn a little bit of the history of our country)

We will have lunch in a traditional restaurant with local food. (Length 4 -5 hours)

After lunch we will immediately start our driving to the countryside, after 1 hour we will already be in the little Andean village, where we will spend the night, the idea is to start progressively adapting our body to the altitude, the hacienda where we will spend the night is located over 3200 mts. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Accommodation: Hacienda El Sinche or Similar – Machachi Ecuador

Day 3: Quilotoa Loop:

Today we will have an early morning, after breakfast, we will start our drive to the Quilotoa Lagoon, this ride will take more or less 2.5 hours, once we arrive at the starting point we will have the opportunity to use the restrooms and then start our run around the crater of the volcano, this is a run of 11kms approx. over 3900 mts.

We are expecting that people at an intermediate level can finish this loop in 1:20 minutes approximately.

After our run, we will have the opportunity to have a nutritious lunch in a local place managed by indigenous people of this area.

After lunch we will start our drive to the next destination (2.5 ), Riobamba is the capital of the Chimborazo province, which was named after the highest volcano in Ecuador, our accommodation will be provided at the Andaluza Hotel and museum, where they will be waiting for us with dinner and the access to the massage therapy.

Accommodation: Hosteria La Andaluza or Similar – Riobamba. (Meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch, Dinner)

Day 4 – The Highest Volcano in Ecuador – Chimborazo. –

Today we will follow a trail that is 20kms long, with an interesting elevation change, our support cars will be available to pick up the ones that decide to make it the day shorter, our goal today is to have a good 5 hours session of running above 3900mts. The terrain in the paramo is rocky and humid, and the weather can be challenging but we guarantee that this experience is beyond worth it.

Once we finish the run, we have to keep in mind that we will need to drive around 40 minutes to come back to our lodging.

After today’s activity, you can have some relaxing time at the SPA of the Hosteria. (Meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch, Dinner)

Accommodation:  Hosteria La Andaluza or Similar

Day 5: Baños de Agua Santa – La Casa del Arbol!!

Early at 08:00, after breakfast we will drive more or less one hour to our next destination, Baños de Agua Santa, is a little village located on the slopes of the Tungurahua Volcano, at a lower elevation, in our first day in this part of the country, we will run around 10 km with an elevation gain of 1300 mts approximately.

We are calculated to finish this in a couple of hours, once finished we will have the opportunity to enjoy some hot springs and a massage if needed, our accommodation for tonight is the Hosteria and SPA Samari, this place will be our base camp for the next two nights.

Today we recommend going to bed early, due to the next morning we will attempt the summit of the Tungurahua Volcano, and we need to start super early. (Meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch, Dinner)

Accommodation: Samari Spa and Hosteria or Similar – Baños de Agua Santa

Day 6.- Tungurahua Volcano. – Summit.

Today we decided to start the day super early, we will start our climbing at 2900 mts at 03:00 a.m, usually from this point to the summit it takes around 6 hours, this is a time considered for a commercial tour, in our experience is more than doable in around 4 hours up and down, we have to keep in mind that there is one Ecuadorian that has the speed record from 1770 mts. (Baños center) to the top 5026 mts and down in 4:18.

Along the way, we will have support staff in order to provide drinks, and maybe collect equipment that the runners won us while descending.

Back at the hotel after an amazing summit, we will have a great meal, and time to relax.

At night we will have our special goodbye dinner where we will share all the pictures and videos of the experience. (Meals: Breakfast and, Dinner)

Accommodation: Samari Hosteria or Similar and SPA.

Day 7.- Back to Quito:

Today we will have an easy morning, At 09:00 we will return to Quito, and we will drive all the people leaving the country today to the airport directly and to the Quito center for the ones that would like to spend more time around. (Meals: Breakfast)


*  The operator reserves the right to change the itinerary without previous notice due to weather, National Park regulations, or notifications, and unforeseeable circumstances.

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours
Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours


Trips Highlights


What's Included

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Running leader

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Coordinator 24/7

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Full climbing gear

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours


Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Breakfast: 4 included

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Lunch: 4 included

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Dinner: 5 included

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

7 days private transportation

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Mountain bilingual guide


What's Not Included

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Meals not mentioned in the itinerary

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

International flights

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Travel insurance

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours



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