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Iliniza North One Day Climbing

from 185 USD
Ilinizas Climb Ecuatraveling by Ecuatraveling
Iliniza North One Day Climbing
from 185 USD


The Ilinizas Volcanoes are located about 60 km (37 miles) southwest of Quito. Ilinizas is the perfect place to get acclimated to the altitude and scope out excellent views of the central valleys and neighboring peaks. With clear skies, you will even have a great view from the summit on the currently erupting Cotopaxi Volcano. Iliniza South peak is the sixth highest elevation in Ecuador with 5,250 m (17,224 ft), while Iliniza North is the eighth highest one (5,125 m / 16,814 ft).

According to geologists, there was one volcano that exploded and collapsed, transforming this huge volcano into two peaks separated by a saddle about 1 km (0.6 mile) long. In fact, while climbing either one, you will observe at the bottom of the old caldera the remaining green-blue lake.

Whether you are preparing for a bigger climb or just want to challenge yourself with the reward of epic views at the summit, this trip offers an opportunity that you won’t forget. With a 5-hour hike to reach the summit of the north peak in one day, you will have plenty of time to take in the great sights and experience the Andes.


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Tour Details

Early pick up from Quito and departure toward the Virgen parking lot.

Arrival at The Ilinizas and begin of the climb of the North Peak.

On one part of the route, we will use a fixed rope to pass or negotiate Death Pass. After this pass, we’ll reach the summit. The average time to the summit, at 5,125 m (16,814 ft), is about 5 hours. Here, we stop for pictures and lunch. Afterwards, we will descend and return to the hut and parking lot.

Drive back to Quito.

Necessary to bring your own lunch and/or snacks. 

*We recommend doing some acclimatization before, ask your travel agent about it.


Min 2 people.

Private for one person: $360


From 185 USD pp

Trips Highlights

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Hiking the amazing "Iliniza North" in one day.

What's Included

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Special climbing equipment: climbing harness, helmet

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Certified guide

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Transportation from/back to Quito

What's Not Included

Ecuatraveling - Ecuador & Galapagos Tours



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