Is Ecuador safe to visit?

You want to travel to Ecuador but you are wondering if it is a safe country? You may have heard stories and now you are wondering if Ecuador is a secure country to travel in? In this article, we will explain how safe Ecuador is. Indeed, security is an important aspect while traveling.

Firstly, here is an update about the Corona Virus in Ecuador:

Due to issues relating to the coronavirus, if you have been in one of the affected countries or if you are planning to be in one of the affected countries 30 days before your program or cruise you need to contact your travel agent. They will keep you informed of any changes that might arise in the rules of access to the Galapagos National Park.

Contrary to the outbreaks that have occurred in many other parts of the world, Ecuador has only identified a mere handful of instances of the virus in the entire country. The authorities have taken all of the necessary measures in terms of quarantine and observation of these patients to avoid contagion.

Secondly, we can confirm that everything is back to normal since the protest that happened 5 months ago. Moreover, you might have heard a lot of different stories about Ecuador. The different stories you may have heard about Ecuador don’t apply anymore. The country has made big efforts to improve the security of travelers.

A project was set up in the country for the protection of national and foreign citizens by the Ministry of Tourism and the national government.  This has been achieved through a security policy aimed at strengthening the national police, providing greater control and protection coverage in the major tourist areas of Ecuador’s four regions. For instance, you will probably see police officers walking around in the biggest cities of Ecuador. Their goal is to make sure that you are safe and they also give advice about security here in Ecuador.

Ecuador is now ranked as one of the 5 most secure countries in South America by the Global Peace Index in 2019. 

So Ecuador is definitely not a dangerous country and Ecuador is safe to visit at the moment. However, you need to take into account that this is still a South American country which suffers from inequalities. As a result of this, there is petty crime. Although decreasing, it is still present in major cities, such as Quito and Guayaquil. 

In Quito, the popular neighborhoods in the south of the city as well as in the extreme north of the city are not recommended. Be careful in the «Mariscal» district, where parties and drinking can make tourists easy victims of petty crime. 

In Guayaquil, it is advised to be careful next to the boulevard along the river (Malecon 2000), the Santa Ana district and Las Peñas.

It is important to take the usual precautions to live a beautiful adventure alone, as a couple, with family or friends. Indeed, knowing common-sense practices will allow you to visit Ecuador safely and frequently.

Here are our 10 Tips to Travel to Ecuador safely:

  1. Just bring a copy of your passport and an entry stamp on you
  2. Only carry with you the cash you need for the day
  3. Use a money bag or belt for under your clothes
  4. On the bus, keep your bag on your lap or in front of you
  5. Be careful when you use your phone in public
  6. At night, always take a taxi (Is is really easy to order and really cheap)
  7. Be careful with large cash withdrawals and bank counters
  8. Don’t walk alone at night
  9. Do not carry valuables
  10. Do not resist in case of aggression

In case of a problem, you can call 911 which is the number of police here in Ecuador. Moreover, In case of theft or loss of personal objects or documents you need to do a declaration of loss or theft to the nearest Police Station as soon as possible. You can also contact the relevant Honorary Consul (Quito or Guayaquil) for the issuance of a provisional travel document if necessary. 

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Written by Clémence Aubry.

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