Cruising comfortably through Galapagos – my Ecuatraveling Experience

Ecuatraveling provided me with the fantastic opportunity to explore the Galapagos Islands with a First Class cruise ship called Treasure of Galapagos and within the next paragraphs, I will elaborate on this unique experience. See our cruises.

Arriving in the morning at San Cristóbal Airport, we became welcomed by sunny weather and a clear blue sky. Being a summer person, this immediately excited me. Picked up at the airport on time by our local guide Victor, we travelled to the island’s harbour town, and capital of Galapagos, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno where we directly entered our cruise ship. I was stunned! Besides delicious welcoming drinks and snacks, a highly comfortable and clean little cruise ship was awaiting us with a local, friendly crew on top.

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The journey remained being amazing! Within five (way too short) days, we were cruising around the South-eastern islands of Galapagos, starting with San Cristóbal and further comprising the islands Española, Floreana, Santa Fé and eventually, the main island, Santa Cruz. Our days represented a mixture of land-based and water activities. Hence, every day we visited another island, usually by means of a small hike, and enjoyed some snorkelling later on. Above all, the wildlife impressed me the most. One can observe a multitude of land and water species which do not show any fear when faced with us. In fact, some animals come really close to you due to curiosity, especially the cute sea lions. Besides them, we could easily spot land iguanas, turtles, crabs, Flamingos and many other species of birds, plenty of fish, giant starfish, rays and even sharks.

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With hindsight, I liked Isla Española the best of all. Although our landing at Gardner Bay was more than wet due to strong waves that day, a gorgeous white sandy beach let us forget everything. With sea lions lying around lazily all over the place and not minding us at all, it truly felt like a different world. Representing an exclusive paradise, the untouched and unique nature completely hits you. Moreover, we were able to spot hammer head sharks and turtles while snorkelling around the island. Absolutely breath-taking!

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Of course, staying on a First Class cruise ship is a special experience on its own. My overall impression of Treasure of Galapagos is very positive due to its outstanding service on-board including extremely delicious food, ever-friendly staff, a relaxed atmosphere as well as clean and pretty facilities. Our guide was very educated about the islands and could answer any of our questions in perfect English. The fact that only locals worked on the ship gave the journey a special touch.

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Thus, based on my own experience, I can definitely recommend everyone to travel to Galapagos at least once in his life. For really good last minute deals (especially regarding upper-class boats), make sure to book with Ecuatraveling which has great offerings for any preference and budget! Check out the Last Minute Deals for more information.


Written by: Kerstin Kraus


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