Just walking down the streets of the Old Town is marvelous. You will appreciate the architecture and the busy life. At every corner you can taste a different speciality – Guanabana Ice Cream, home made crisps, empanadas, « salchi papas » and so on. But there are also many monuments and places to visit like churches, squares, museums…

Here are our top 9 places to see in the Old Town of Quito!

1. Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús

Also known as « The golden church », this jesuit church is profusely decorated with gold leaf, gilded plaster and wood carvings. It is just stunning and is a « must see » in the Old Town Quito.

2. Mercado Central

Mercado central
This market will amaze you! It is packed with various fruits, vegetables, meats, fresh fish and flowers. All the products are local. You can also find Quito’s most traditional foods and drink delightfull fresh juices. Visit on a Saturday, you will be able to try out the very traditional Hornado (delicious roast pig with tortillas).

3. El Panecillo

This impressive statue of the Virgen of Quito upon the « Bread Loaf Hill » is beautiful from below, but you can actually go up the hill to enjoy an amazing view over Quito and check out the little museum in the monument.

4. Téléferico

This cable car is the highest in South America going right up to 4.050 m. A stupendous view over Quito will be awaiting at the top. Also you can hike up the Pichincha volcano and enjoy a marvelous panorama from up there.

5. Convento San Francisco

San francisco
This is the most imposing of all Quito’s architectural monuments, it is at once a temple, a series of chapels, and a convent. At the bottom of the steps on the Plaza San Francisco you will find a little restaurant where you can refresh yourself with their monk beer. Delicious!

6. Plaza Grande

Plaza Grande
There are many things to take a look at on the main square of the city: the Presidential Palace, Quito’s Cathedral… Also if you visit on a Monday morning you will be able to assist to one of the major activities of Old Town Quito: the Presidential Palace changing of guards, during which the president himself comes out to greet his people.

7. La Ronda

la ronda
Go out on a weekend evening to stroll down La Ronda. It’s typical architecture will stun you! The narrow streets are full of crafts, live music and various bars where you could enjoy a traditional « canelazo » and maybe learn a few steps of salsa.

8. Basilica del Voto

This basilic is one of the largest churches in Ecuador with over 20 chapels inside. You should climb the stairs up the tower to the balcony and there again you can enjoy a unique and breathtaking view over the city.

9. Vista Hermosa

Vista Hermosa
You have to enjoy a drink or even supper on this roof top terrace ! From Wednesdays to Saturdays they have live music all evening. Try spotting all the other places to see in Old Town Quito from the top of the building!

Quito is a lively and cultural city. There are many more places to see and things to do in the Old Town and in the entire city. If you feel like visiting our marvelous city and Ecuador, feel free to drop into our office, Ecuatraveling (also in the Old Town, right next to the Plaza Grande). Or write us an email for more information at info@ecuatraveling.com.