6 Recommendations to know about the Rainy Season in Quito

If you are happen to travel around in Ecuador at the moment and are spending some time in its beautiful capital Quito, you might have noticed a lot of pouring rain lately. As you might have thought, Quito is marked by the rainy season at the moment. Yet, this is no reason to despair! In this article, we gathered you six recommendations regarding how to turn Quito’s rainy season into an unforgettable travel experience:

  1. Always bring an umbrella with you

In Quito, it can start raining at any time of the day – even though if it was sunny five minutes ago. Therefore, we advise you to always bring an umbrella or rain jacket with you in order to be prepared for any situation that might happen to you during the day.


2. Pack your suitcase wisely

Although the temperatures in Quito might be quite high during the day, the weather changes rapidly and you can experience up to three (European) seasons a day. Especially during the rainy season the temperatures are colder, also in the mornings, between 7-15°C. Hence, here are a few things that should definitely not be missed in your suitcase: proper (hiking) shoes, rainproof clothes, warm jumpers (or layers of clothes), a scarf and gloves.


  1. Make use of the mornings

During the rainy season in Quito, there is obviously more rainfall than usually, yet it is always a good advice to do outdoor activities in the city, such as el Panecillo or el Teleférico, in the mornings since rainfall is very common in the afternoons. Thus, be the early bird and explore the city during the mornings and middays before the rain comes – and then enjoy a lovely coffee or hot chocolate in one of the many cafés here.


  1. Check out Quito’s unique museums

There are heaps of interesting and beautiful museums to be found in Quito which display the perfect alternative for rainy days. We can highly recommend you “La Capilla del Hombre” which shows the unique art collection of Ecuador’s famous contemporary artist Oswaldo Guayasamin, as well as “Museo de La Ciudad” that demonstrates Quito’s history. Both museums have descriptions and guides in Spanish as well as English. If you are less interested in arts and history, why not going to the cinema for one afternoon? Movies are available in both, English and Spanish. For instance, check out the original-version movies in Multicines. More information under https://www.multicines.com.ec/


Capilla del Hombre - Chapel of Man

          5.   Be aware of your health

Due to the changing weather, the rainy season represents a period in which people become ill very easily. Therefore, make sure you wear proper rainproof clothes, avoid standing in the pouring rain for too long, drink a lot of water and take some hot beverages in order to warm up after the wetness.


  1. Get out of the city for a day

If the rain is getting too much for you then, why not leaving the city for one day to encounter and discover a less-rainy place? Check out our various day tours to Otavalo, Cotopaxi, Quilotoa and Mindo and enjoy a day out of the wetness by exploring incredible places just outside the capital.



Written by: Kerstin Kraus


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