When you are traveling for the first time to a country it always nice to know a few things before arriving. Here are 10 things to be aware of when traveling to Ecuador for the first time.


1. Altitude

Altitude sickness is a common thing when you land in Quito or if you go hiking in the Andes’ mountains. You should take a few days to acclimate when you arrive before climb the highest summits of Ecuador!


2. Water

Do not drink tap water although Ecuadorians may do so. You are better off buying bottled water or just boil the tap water! Also any fresh veggies that would be served with a meal are to avoid, probably not having been washed with clean water.


3. Pickpockets

Mind your bags and pockets. There are quite a few thiefs around, just keep your belongings safe in your bag that you can carry in front to be extra safe.


4. Galapagos flights

Be careful when booking flights to the Galapagos, especially with LAN airlines. Indeed, there are different prices depending on if you are an ecuadorian or a foreigner. If you buy a ticket for locals you will end up paying much more when you arrive on the islands.


5. Weather

Many people picture Ecuador as being a really warm tropical country. Well it’s not. Although on the coast and in the jungle it is warm in the heights of the Andes it can get very cold. So don’t forget to pack a warm jumper!
Also the sun is very strong close to the equator line, so don’t forget your sun block.


6. Going out at night

At night time the streets of the main cities can be a little dangerous. It gets dark around 6:30pm, so from then onwards it is recommended to take a taxi if going out.


7. Bargaining

It is common to bargain and if you want to buy something on an indegenious craft market you should give it a go. But mind you don’t get carried away!


8. Bills

Careful! There are quite a few fake bills around and when paying it is possible that a fake bill is given to you as change, keep an eye out!
If you need to withdraw cash we recommend to find a Pichincha bank ATM. They accept all foreign cards (limit of cash withdrawal per day in between $400 and $600)


9. Price of taxi form airport to Quito

Before landing in a foreign country it is always nice to know the price from the airport to town center in order not to be ripped off on day 1. The price from the airport to Quito is roughly $25 to $30.


10. Bus stations in Quito

Be aware there are different bus stations in Quito ad they are all quite far away from the town center. Depending on your destination you’ll go to Quitumbe (South) or to La Carcelen (North). So don’t forget to ask before leaving!



Written by: Chesca Lonbay