Dear Readers,

my name is Kerstin and since the beginning of August, I represent the new intern at Ecuatraveling. I am studying International Tourism Management in the Netherlands and chose to come to Ecuador in order to improve my Spanish and to experience the tourism industry within this unique culture. Since my university had already established contact with Ecuatraveling, it displayed the perfect opportunity for me to do my internship here. And I have not been disappointed!

Besides obtaining a diverse insight into the tourism industry, the internship turns out to be just amazing in beautiful Ecuador. Why? It is a great country to travel while doing a placement since it is very easy and safe to get around here. One can do many trips just in the weekends or during the day. I have been here for nearly three months now and I completely fell in love with this country. The people are extremely friendly, the food is delicious and the places look like a beautiful mixture of ancient culture and modern lifestyles.

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My highlight so far regards my four-day Amazon adventure in the Cuyabeno jungle. Being in the rainforest represents a very unique experience! I cannot relate those canoe rides to anything else I experienced so far. Besides, I had not only the chance to see quite exquisite animals such as monkeys and a tarantula, yet I also was able to stay with an indigenous community for a day to help making their traditional Yucca bread. No culture shock whatsoever, however, a heart-warming experience that enriched my stay immensely.

Nevertheless, I also fell in love with Ecuador’s coastal area, especially with Puerto Lopez and the nearby Isla de la Plata, where I was able to spot some humpback whales on their way down south. Furthermore, I can highly recommend a (girls) day at the hot springs of Papallacta, just a three hour drive away from Quito. Pure relaxation with a great mountain panorama on top – just incomparable.

The Ecuadorian lifestyle reminds me of the one found in Southern Europe – relaxed, loads of sunshine and timeless days. If it doesn’t work today, it will tomorrow. Even though there are many Western features found in Quito which are comparable to home, the culture is totally different at the same time. Besides the incredible excursions I made around the country, I am highly impressed by the beautiful Latino music and the high amount of colours spread all over the place.

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Although it represents a rather small country, Ecuador has it all and offers a great diversity ranging from stunning mountain panorama to the exciting Amazon Jungle, beautiful coast lines, hot springs and, overall, the amazing Galapagos Islands which I cannot wait to visit. I am very excited about the next adventures to come here! Hence, if you are still wondering where to do your next internship – come to Ecuatraveling and experience it all.


Written by: Kerstin Kraus