Vuelta al Cotopaxi – Bicycle adventure around Ecuador’s famous volcano

Have you heard? On November 12 and 13, the annual bicycle race “Vuelta al Cotopaxi” takes place again around Ecuador’s famous Cotopaxi volcano. In teams of two, five different categories need to be mastered mutually within two challenging stages. The total distance of the race estimates 134km this year compared to 74.9km in the previous one.

The purpose of this event is to provide an environment in which cyclists can compete with each other, foster teamwork and dedicate themselves to several challenges. Simultaneously, they are able to enjoy the magnificent views Ecuador has to offer and get to know, learn and appreciate the given natural circumstances as well as exercising in the extreme conditions of the high-lying Andean mountains.

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All teams seeking to participate in this race need to register on Friday, November 11, in Quito’s Cikla store which proudly organises the event. This year, up to 500 cyclists are permitted to join which considers 250 teams in total.

We from Ecuatraveling are very pleased to announce our logistical support of 10 Colombian elite cyclists during the race, who principally came here to participate in “Vuelta al Cotopaxi”. Since we offer weekly day tour departures to Cotopaxi, we share a high interest in this event and believe that this race represents a great opportunity to familiarise oneself with the stunning volcano and its lovely natural surroundings.

So, to all the extreme sportsmen, sportswomen and active cyclists out there: what are you waiting for? Come along and enjoy this fantastic event among Ecuador’s beautiful nature!



Written by: Kerstin Kraus


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