Amidst the biggest natural disaster since 1979, Ecuador continues to welcome expats, luxury travelers and backpackers alike. Tourism, positive global public relations, and confidence in the countries solidarity and strength have never been more important.  Want to help? Check out our list of 5 ways you can support this great country.


1) Make and keep plans to travel the Galapagos Islands, Andes Mountain Region and Eastern Amazon of Ecuador. We are always proud to highlight four different areas of this small country. Stay away from the coast for now, but enjoy the rest!



2) Share all the things that are great about this country with your family and friends internationally. This is not a third world country and it’s important for people to see the many great things going on amidst the photos of destruction and loss.



3) Donate clothes or travel gear that you don’t need to help the areas in need and lighten your pack! If you have a few dollars to spare, consider buying some canned goods, water, or medicine as found on the lists of needed items for the earthquake survivors.



4) If you want to volunteer your time, do research to find where you can be the most helpful and not a burden. Many people have great intentions to be feet on the ground in emergencies such as these, but in reality there may not yet be the coordination to facilitate everyday volunteers. You might also consider volunteer opportunities in Quito, Cuenca or wherever you are. The situation is changing rapidly day by day, so look into this on your own to make the best choice for the greatest good of the country.



5) Keep calm and be respectful of emergency protocol while enjoying your time! If a park is closed or a route needs to change remember that it is for your safety and ultimate enjoyment.


Written By: Betsy Maria D.