Three weeks, three different landscapes – What to pack for a trip to Ecuador?


To pack the suitcase for a trip is never easy and often you have to think about it weeks before. „What do I need? What do I still have to buy?“ are some common questions and even when you are at the Airport, you might ask yourself again if you really have everything.

Because of the diversity of Ecuador’s landscapes you need indeed a lot of different things to be prepared for every weather, considering the dry season (summer) from June to September and the wet season (winter) from October to May.

As an example for the highlands, Quito has with an altitude of 2,850m and it’s closeness to the equator a fairly constant cool climate and the average day temperature is 18.7°C. Rain keeps visitors and locals often indoors in the months from October to May, this represents the wet season while the dry season is from June to September.


The second landscape is the amazon region which is also located on the Equator. Therefore, while in the dry season (December to March) less rain falls than during the rest of the year, rain showers occur and the forests never dry out. The average temperature in the wet season is 25.7°C while the average temperature in the dry season is a bit lower at 24.1°C. It is the lowest average temperature of the whole year. See our Amazon lodge.


The coastal lowlands of Ecuador are normally really warm with an average temperature of 25°C in which December to April are the hottest with the most rain. This time represents the wet season. The rest of the year is warm and pleasant. This also applies to the Galapagos Islands.


So, what to pack for three weeks of traveling through these landscapes?


These 10 things are the most important things to take with you:

1. In general you have to choose clothes which are warm and fast drying because encounter both a day in the Andes or traveling between regions – the keyword is here: layering. Take at least one long-sleeved shirt, one pair of loose-fitting pants (no jeans) and a light sweater which you can wear over a tshirt (it can get surprisingly cool in the highlands and in the rainforest, here especially on boat trips)

2. A sun hat is important because the sun can be really strong. When you want to hike on a mountain or volcano it is also good to take a wool hat and handgloves because there also can be snow!

3. Really necassary are a raincoat and an umbrella – sometimes it can rain more than two times a day in the Andes.

4. Good hiking boots that either dry quickly or are water-resistant – helpful for long sightseeing tours too. You also need sandals and sneakers for the warm weather.

5. Especially for the coast and the amazon it is important to take insect repellent

and high factor waterproof sunscreen – don’t forget, you are directly at the Equator.

6. Also swimwear is needed in these two regions. Sometimes it can be so hot that you just wish to jump into the water to refresh a bit! Also don’t forget to bring a bath towel.

7. Flashlight and a lighter will help you to have a better stay in the amazon because there are sometimes just candles and no electricity.

8. A money belt is recommended and gives a better feeling when you are in bigger cities or hiking a lot.

9. Water purification tablets (although hotels and lodges should provide potable water) can help you a lot if you are sensitive with you stomach because even if the water is almost clean in some regions, you are not used to it and you can get problems. Related to this it is important to take a good ‘travel pharmacy’ with you. Ensure that you have enough medicine with you for every possible case of sickness.

10. Finally happiness and curiosity are besides all this the most important things to take with you if you want to come to Ecuador…and it even don’t weigh too much 🙂


Just enjoy this beautiful country and it’s lovely people!

And in the case you still forgot something to take with you, don’t worry too much. You can maybe find something better in the country which ama la vida!


Written by: Bianca Schröder



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