The events not to be missed during Fiestas de Quito!

Quito is turning 482 years old and celebrates its multiculturalism – reason enough to party. Here is a list of the best things to do during the Fiestas de Quito!



Are you ready to be transported in another galaxy? For all lovers of electronic, this is the right place to be in Quito on 5th December! Here is a sample of what you will hear that night:

Who, Where and When?

-> Nicolas Cruz (Ecu), Mina (Ecu), Quantic (Col), French 79 (Francia), Cotton Clow (Francia)
Cumandá Parque Urbano
-> December 5th, 7 pm




Did you try the “caca de perro”? Well, this is your chance! Quito presents a wide variety of its traditional sweets! Let’s take a risk and be greedy!

Where and When?

->  Plaza Chica (Guayaquil y Espejo)
->  December 5, 9 am




South and North of Quito will be the place of the largest musical events of these festivities. International and national artists are invited for a real fiesta. Farruko (Reggaeton), Fonseca (Pop) and Rocola Bacalao (traditional Ecuadorian music) will bring you to dance for sure!

Who, Where and When?

Quitonia Norte:
Fonseca, Los Niches, Orquesta Bamboleo, Rocola Bacalao
-> Parque de la Carolina
-> December 3, 6 pm – 10 pm

Quitonia Sur:
Farruko, Orquesta Batahola, Son de Azucar, Banda 24 de Mayo
> Plaza Cívica Quitumbe
-> December 2, 6 pm – 10 pm




From 29th November to 3rd December, the Cumandá Park presents the edition 2016 of Elemental Pacha, an international festival of urban cultures which propose a week of artistic, cultural and communitarian actions.

During the whole festival those present will be able to enjoy daily events such as:

  • Ecuador’s biggest exposition of urban art
  • An international Breakdance event: “Cumanbreak Battle 2016”
  • Workshops of urban art
  • Jams of bmx and skate with the participation of Philip Vásquez, a professional Skateboarder

The festival culminates on Saturday, 3rd December, with a great concert outdoors from 12h00 to 20h00 where recognized national and international artists will perform.

Who, Where and When?

-> Mare Advertencia Lirika ( México), Rocola Bacalao ( Ecuador), Vespa y Marmota ( Ecuador), Los Nin ( Ecuador), Carter B ( Ecuador), Hierbas Americanas ( Ecuador), Crazy Funk ( Ecuador)
-> Cumandá Parque Urbano
-> From the 29th. of November to the 3rd. of December




On December 5th, the three principal squares of the center of Quito will come to life to celebrate multiculturalism. In the Plaza de la Independencia we will have the Serenade of Quito, in the Plaza del Teatro the Flamenco Night with the Spanish artist Rosario Flores and a village party will be celebrated in the Plaza de Santo Domingo.

Where and When?
-> Plaza de la Independencia (7 pm); Plaza del Teatro (7 pm); Plaza Santo Domingo (4 pm)




The ingenuity of Quito’s children gave birth to these handcrafted race cars that fill the city centre with adrenaline every year. Let’s see who wins!

Where and When?
-> Calle Mejia, December 3, 8:30am – 10:30 am




«Maximum Biota» is an invitation to travel for the Ecuadoran biodiversity across attractive photographies in large formats which represent only a small portion of the exceptional diversity of life found in Ecuador, including countless forms of life, from the universe of virus up to giant trees and the animal who lives in them.

Where and When?
-> Yaku Parque Museo del Agua, Barrio «El Placer» Oe11-271, Quito
-> From the 1st to the 11th of December (except Monday the 5th) from 9 am until 5:30 pm


If you want to check other events, here is the complete program!
 Agenda Fiestas de Quito




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