The Best Food you can find in Ecuador

While you travel to Ecuador you will see lots of beautiful landscapes, volcanoes, beaches, animals… But you will also certainly enjoy the variety and the delicious cuisine Ecuador can offer!

Here is a top 10 of the best typical dishes foreigners like the most:

10. Locro de Papas Soup: This is a creamy potato soup garnished with cheese, avocado and hot sauce.



9. Menestra de Lentejas: It is a stewed lentils (lentejas) and is usually also served with rice and fried plantain.



8. Choclo: Roasted kernels of corn (large local Andean) that are a crunchy snack.



7. Melcocha: A chewy candy (famous in the Baños region) made by boiling sugar water along with desired flavors, vegetable oil, and other ingredients and then pulling the taffy into long elastic strips.



6. Humitas: This is a fresh ground corn dough filled with onions, eggs, cheese, pork, chicken or raisins, wrapped in a corn husk or canna leaves then steamed.



5. Patacones: Fried green plantains (a type of banana that isn’t so sweet) squashed into thick pancakes.



4. Pan de Yuca: This is soft bread made with flour from the Yuca, cheese, butter, and eggs. You can find a different form in the jungle, made just from Yuca, very thin such as a “crepe”.



3. Seco de Pollo: This dish is a chicken stew that includes onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes and spices. It is usually served with rice and sweet fried plantains.



2. Cevichochos: It is a vegetarian ceviche of Chocho beans (beans native from Ecuador and very nutritious), tomato, onion, coriander, salt, lime and optional hot sauce. It can be topped with roasted corn or plantain chips.



1. Llapingacho: It is a cheese-filled fried potato patty topped with a fried egg. It is usually served with cheese, avocado and some beef, pork or sausage.



Written by Manon Renaux

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