Ecuador is such a rich country of many resources and has an outstanding agricultural economy. Superfoods like Chia, Quinoa and Moringa can be found here. Chia is grown in the mountain region of Ecuador, in the central Andes valley and close to Ambato. The seeds can be either eaten raw or added in various dishes, but most of the time they are sprinkled into cereal, veggies, yogurt or rice. They contain a lot of nutrients and provide you with plenty of energy throughout the day. Regular intake keeps your heart and digestive system healthy and your bones and muscles strong.

The whole grain Quinoa is also grown in the Andes region of Ecuador. The farmers grow it specifically in provinces such as Chimborazo, Cotopaxi and Pichincha and export half of the production in other parts of the world. Quinoa is a good alternative to rice and can be eaten with fish, meat and vegetables. It contains a lot of protein, fiber and various other vitamins and minerals.

The superfood Moringa is mainly grown in the Ecuadorian coast in the province of Manabi. It has a similar taste to spinach and can be sprinkled into pasta, risottos, sauces, cookies, juices and dressings for instance. Superfoods are mainly plant-based, but also fish and dairy based. They are one of the new food trends in other parts of the world and sold for expensive prices in the United States and Europe.

However, you can find them for a reasonable price here in Ecuador on local markets for example. Maybe you are interested in trying them, as they are highly nutritious, healthy and tasty. To the most valuable food export products of Ecuador belong especially bananas, plantains, crustaceans, fish, caviar and cocoa beans. They contain high protein and essential vitamins, which will provide you with energy and keep you healthy during your travels.