Rafting in Tena – Fun times in the Jungle

Looking for a new adventure to pursue on your journey? Then you should definitely consider a day rafting in beautiful Tena within Ecuador’s Province Napo! A highlight here represents the rivers Jatunyacu and Hollin which are especially famous and popular for rafting activities in that area.

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The name “Jatunyacu” is Quichua and signifies “Big Water” – probably the best manner to describe this unique spectacle of big waves and big blasts. Located in the Llanganates National Park, the river follows a unique passage suited for unforgettable rafting experiences along with stunning views of the Ecuadorian jungle. Plus, this river is one of two rivers forming the giant Amazon River. Hence, this is an experience not to be missed!

Yet also the Hollin River displays a unique hotspot among the jungle which is definitely worth a visit! Those waters are particularly interesting due to their exotic vegetation and gorgeous scenery. As part of the Sumaco National Park which is also considered a biosphere reserve, this river attracts young and old with extreme outdoor ventures within its crystal-clear waters.

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A fun rafting day tour on either river starts at $65 per person and includes a day full of adrenaline kicks by navigating through wild waters and in the end, celebrating the day with some cold refreshments and a relaxed swim. The tour is suited for both, beginners and experienced rafters, since it displays a mixture of tranquil pools and thrilling rapids. It does not matter when you are able to visit Tena, those tours take place all year round! So what are you waiting for? Adventure is out there! Pack your bathing suit and hop on the next bus towards Ecuador’s adventure capital Tena. Let the wild waters take your breath away during an entertaining rafting tour!


Written by: Kerstin Kraus


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