The Ilinizas Volcanoes are located about 60 km in the south-west of Quito. Ilinizas is the perfect place to get acclimated to the altitude and scope out excellent views of the central valleys and neighbor peaks. With clear skies, you will even have a great view on the currently erupting Cotopaxi Volcano from the summit. Iliniza South peak is the sixth highest elevation in Ecuador with 5250 mt, while Iliniza North is the eighth highest one (5125 mt).

According to geologists there was one volcano which exploded and collapsed, transforming this huge volcano into two peaks separated by a saddle about 1 kilometer long. In fact, while climbing either one, you will observe at the bottom of the old caldera the remaining green-blue lake.

Whether you are preparing for a bigger climb or just want to challenge yourself with the reward of epic views at the summit, this trip offers an opportunity that you won’t forget. With a 3 hour hike to reach the refuge on the first day and a 3 hour hike to reach the summit of the north peak on the second day, you will have plenty of time to take in the great sights and experience the Andes.

Tour Schedule 

(Note: All times are approximate, except starting time).

Day 1 – El Chaupi – Refuge

Departure from Quito in southern direction towards Chaupi village, we will arrive to «Cafe the Alps» where we will pick up the necesary equipment for the climb. Afterwards, we will drive to the parking lot «La Virgen» at 4000mt. Approach to the hut approx. 3 hours hike (4740 mt), overnight and dinner.

Day 2 – Summit – Iliniza Norte (5125 mt).

Early wake up and breakfast. Departure from the refuge and begin of climb of the North Peak. On one part of the route we will use a fixed rope to pass or negotiate «Death Pass.» After this pass we’ll reach the summit. The average time to the summit takes about 3 hours. Here, we stop for pictures and lunch. Afterwards, we will descend and return to the hut and parking lot – Drive back to Quito.

Important notice:

– It is important that you have current travel insurance including personal medical insurance. Please inform us of any known medical conditions you have.

– Mountain climbing can be a high risk activity which can expose your physical ability to extreme conditions. For this reason we highly recommend to make a previous appointment with your doctor for a general physical check up. We also recommend to take any medication during your trip, but in case you have to, you must have asked your guide for authorization to take those medications during the tour.

– We put all our effort into organizing the tour, therefore cancellations require minimum 24 hours notice. 50% refund will be given back. Cancellations will not be refunded with a shorter time notice

– Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances (such as weather conditions or health risks), there may be a chance that you will not reach the summit of Ilinizas. However, we do promise a fantastic and unforgettable experience, completed with fully qualified and highly experienced guides, but also fresh and hearty meals, lots of laughter, and of course good cold beers!

Please note tips for our guides are not included in the price.

 Special climbing equipment included in both packages:

1 night at the Ilinizas refuge

1 dinner and early breakfast

Transportation from and back to Quito

Climbing harness


Certificated Guide

Necessary Equipment (NOT INCLUDED):

sleeping bag comfort zone -5 ° C (41 ° F) (rent for $ 10) – big and small backpack – camelback type vessel for water
– water – inside polar gloves – energy drinks and snacks
– camera – sun cream – head lamp
-warm walking trousers – sunglasses – puffer jacket or similar
– wool hat -walking sticks -face mask







The renting of equipment should be confirmed in advance with your agent.

Minimum 2 pax:

Price: $ 250 p.p.

Single traveller: ask for private option



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