Even if I love my life as an intern in Quito, the weather here is not always the best – especially in this time of the year. So what can I do to get some sun back? A weekend at the coast! Sometimes the answer is so easy that you don’t even think about it.

So some friends and I decided to go to a place which is not very far away from Quito and we found Súa!

Súa is a small cute town where not much tourists are seen and where you have a feeling of being directly in a cultural town of Ecuador.


Súa belongs to the province of Esmeraldas and is located in the north part of Ecuador. It has around 4.000 inhabitants and the average temperature is between 21 and 32 degrees.

The beach is about 800 meters long and has beautiful golden sand. It forms a gorgeous crescent shaped bay, surrounded by hills and cliffs with calm waters like a warm pool which invites tourists and locals to swim, bath and enjoy. From there you have a nice view of Atacames and Tonsupa which are a bit bigger and also nice places to stay and relax.


Lynette                IMG_20170325_093414

There is also a rock, called “suicide rock”, where a lot of different birds find their home, including blue footed boobies. But apart from water sports and sun bathing it is also possible to go on whale watching trips from there. It takes about 40 minutes by boat to reach them. You can definitely get peace and rest in Súa but this little town still has a sufficient tourism infrastructure and activities to feel entertained.

In a nutshell, I really liked the stay in this magnificent place with these lovely people!

Now I know…when I need more sun or just a bit abstraction of everyday life, it is really easy to escape from Quito – even if it is just for a weekend.

Same Sunset 2

Written by: Bianca Schröder