Mixing culture & nature to get the best out of Ecuador

With the pandemic, the appeal of nature trips and outdoor activities has soared. Indeed, they provide a built-in social distance and allow one to relax and reconnect. But in culturally rich countries such as Ecuador, it would be a pity to miss out discovering the cities. That is why a new type of fusion trip seems to be the perfect way to experience the most of Ecuador: the fusion trip, a perfect blend of nature and culture. 

A diverse country

And there is no such place as Ecuador to have such a perfect mix of culture and nature! Indeed, Ecuador is one of the world’s most diverse countries, with 5 sites in the UNESCO World Heritage List : 2 natural sites and 3 cultural ones. This shows perfectly the two faces of the country between culture and nature.

The cultural side of Ecuador

On one side is the urban Ecuador with the two beautiful cities of Quito and Cuenca. Quito, the capital city, is known for its well preserved historical center and its numerous churches and Cuenca is a city where a considerable number of magnificent structures in the colonial or Republican styles can be found. Walking the streets of these cities is very likely to amaze you, in particular with their architecture.

Cuenca by @fotocjaramillo

The natural side of Ecuador

On the other side, once you’ve explored these cultural sites, it’s time to get out into the open air and engage in some natural activities, which Ecuador excels in! From the Amazon jungle and its vegetation and rich wildlife, to the Andes and its countless volcanoes, amazing sights are plentiful in Ecuador! To name just a few, you can head to Quilotoa Lake, a beautiful water-filled crater, or hike on the side of Cotopaxi volcano, in the heart of the Andes, and then take a relaxing trip to the Cuyabeno reserve, where wildlife is everywhere.

If such an experience seems like the perfect match for you, check out our True Ecuador Experience tour, the ideal blend of cultural encounters, wildlife sightings, adventure activities, and natural treasures!

Written by Lucille Thorel–Delille


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