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FIBUSPAM: helping Ecuadorian Children & Families

FIBUSPAM is an international organization operating within the most remote indigenous communities in Chimborazo, Ecuador. In this province, 70% of the pre-Incan indigenous community, named Puruha, has insufficient economic resources to have any or little access to medical treatments and 28% of the children endure the stresses and strains of undernourishment. Resulting in children and parents having curable injuries and treatable injuries ending up with serious or unrepairable medical conditions.

FIBUSPAM´s mission is to provide children and adults living in extreme poverty with affordable medical treatments and the humanitarian support they need. Since the organization opened their clinic in August 2007, they have treated over 40,000 patients, completed 700 surgeries and more than 7,000 patients received medical treatment appropriate for them in the Mobile Medical Caravans. This indicates the need for their help and the success of their activities.

However, the continuation of their operations depends on the help of volunteers and the generosity of the donors. At Ecuatraveling, we do the best we can to show you the beauty of Ecuador, but also to make our contribution to the other side of Ecuador. Therefore, we ask you, our dear travelers, to participate in providing these indigenous communities hope and health. 95% of your donation to FIBUSPAM directly benefits Ecuadorian families and each small gift supports the future of a parent or child.

Donate now and help our less fortunate communities

For more information: FIBUSPAM


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