Exquisite Mobile Cuisine in the Heart of Quito

The start of food trucks concept was far from glamorous. In fact, the concept first started using wagons to feed cowboys. A few years later in 1890 the Food Truck comes in New York City as food wagons which sold hot dishes to workers after the restaurants closed. By 1930 the wagons became trucks, and New York and Chicago were the front-runners of this new way to eat.

Now the food trucks are seen all around the world and rarely carry the concept of fast food, rather of gourmet food served in a practical way. Perhaps you find yourself enjoying some of the mobile cuisine at Central Park or at the Moonrise theater in Washington D.C. or in one of the most culturally reach neighborhoods of Ecuador, La Floresta. In either case you will delight yourself with uniquely prepared food.

The fusion of cooking styles and genres makes of for the authenticity of food trucks all around the world. In la Platea, taking ‘gourmet’ restaurant ingredients like is the case of the restaurant Urko, which adapted its menus to fit into the food truck trend, is only part of their variety. The newly created restaurant, which started as a University’s food car, now also have a spot at La Platea.

La Platea is about sharing experiences around food in a uniquely designed place. Share with friends and a soccer match, Tango music or Afro- Ecuadorian dance. You can also choose from Peruvian food, vegetarian, Lebanese, Japanese, sandwiches, pizzas or pastas. You will enjoy of locally grown food, made with natural ingredients. Mix some Lebanese food with an Artisanal cold beer from the vast variety they offer or a tea infusion with a beautifully designed dessert, you choose!

There are a few different Food Trucks Squares in neighborhoods like La Floresta and La Carolina in Quito. If you are in Quito traveling with family or backpacking with friends, it is a great and affordable option for a night to relax or a sunny Sunday afternoon to spend with family.

Without doubt, the Food trucks have become into the mainstream. Opened people’s eyes on the possibility of eating great tasting food out of a truck and experiencing food that they would normally not have in the restaurants they regularly frequent. The trend spread rapidly in the world and recently arrived to Ecuador.

La Platea not only offers great tasting food and variety but also a mix between gastronomy, art, design and culture. The square has an industrial style where the roof is made of barrels and the lamps are made of glass bottles. Recycled materials and good music provide the perfect setting to enjoy with friends. This new trend of the food trucks in a square in Ecuador is in and out itself authentic and you can’t miss it!


Written by: Beatriz Vargas


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