A natural swimming pool in the middle of a lonely beach: welcome to Isla del Amor, the “Love Island”.  You have surely heard about Canoa, Montanita and Atacames, but did you hear about Cojimies and Isla del Amor?


Located near Pederneales, 300 kilometers away from Quito, Cojimies is a piece of unknown paradise. With its beach of soft sand, its palms and its blue water, this place will seduce you. Cojimies is the perfect combination of fun and tranquility. Unknown for the majority of tourists, Cojimies feels a bit like a private beach, where you can entirely enjoy the beauty of the nature. Taking a 10 minutes boats ride, you get to the Isla del Amor, a desert island and the perfect place to have a peaceful moment and feel like Robinson Crusoe. For those who need more action than a sun bath, Cojimies offers a lot of activities like surfing, water-skiing and ultralight aircraft flying which should give you your daily dosis of adrenaline. And last but not least, 10 minutes away from Cojimies, the natural Reserve Mache Chindul offers you the opportunity to observe a great biodiversity. If you are lucky, you can glimpse a puma, a jaguar, a white tailed deer or, more likely, some wild birds, reptiles and monkeys.

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So, next time you think of visiting Ecuador’s coasts, go to Cojimies. But let’s keep it secret!


Written by: Lily Verrier