Bored of a white Christmas ?
This year try a blue or green Christmas! Here are the reasons why :

Reason number 1:

If you wish to avoid the cold, these two destinations are perfect for you!
At this time of the year, it´s the warm season on the Galapagos Islands and the sea is calmer which is perfect for snorkeling!


Reason number 2:

A peaceful way to spend the most frenetic holiday of the year: far away from carol singers and streets full with wild shoppers. Let´s enjoy the nature and do some meditation.

Cuyabeno River Tour                                              images

Reason number 3:

This year you will not witness the birth of the Christ but the circle of life of the Galapagos Turtles.
From December to June it´s the prime season for the green see turtles’ nesting and the Giant tortoise eggs begin to hatch!

1923b04be3636484f8b6a0f99a2e3986                                           snorkeling-in-the-galapagos-with-sea-turtle

Reason number 4:

As the rainy season begins, Galapagos turns green and in the Amazon many plants evolve to fruit and flower – a phenomenon which often attracts birds and primates to the water’s edge as well as it gives travellers the chance to observe them more often.


Reason number 5 :

And last but not least, why just have a good Christmas Feast when you can enjoy an unforgettable, spectactular and exotic learning experience along with it ?