Another volcano, another adventure – Did you hear about Sangay?

Sangay is an active stratovolcano in central Ecuador and brands the southern borderline of the Northern volcanic zone. Is is part of the Sangay National Park and its ecological community has been protected since 1983. With an altitudinal range extending from 900 to 5,319 metres above sea level, the park includes three volcanoes:  Tungurahua (5,016m), Altar (5,319m) and Sangay (5,230m). Since Sangay is the most active volcano in Ecuador, it shows a mostly frequent, moderate activity with small explosions. In fact, this volcano only erupted three times in the listed history because the last eruption – which started in 1934 – is still ongoing.

Sangay1             Sangay2

Although climbing the mountain is difficult because of its isolation, poor weather conditions and the danger of falling ejecta from the volcano, it is regularly climbed by trained people. The best time for this is from December to February.
Besides this, the Sangay Nationalpark hosts a significant biological flora and fauna. The outstanding natural beauty, numerous waterfalls and two active volcanoes illustrate the entire dimension of this special ecosystem – from tropical rainforests to glaciers with a beautiful contrast between snowcovered peaks and forests. The park also comprises one of the largest areas of barren grassland vegetation occurring in Ecuador.

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The special conditions also encouraged the survival of indigenous species such as the mountain tapir, giant otter, jaguar, giant anteater, andean cock-of-the-rock, king vulture and a large number of birds and insects. Although the flora is poorly known, there are more than 3.000 species expected to occur in the park.

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And this Nationalpark is just one of many things which show the beauty of this amazing country! Just form your own opinion and… come to Ecuador!

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