5 Amazing Experiences waiting for you at Waita Amazon Lodge

Waita Lodge is a local community project created to preserve Amazon Rainforest and provide visitors with unforgettable wildlife experience. Located in Cuyabeno wildlife reserve, the second largest reserve in Ecuador, it boasts dense jungles, hundreds of types of bird species, insects, mammals, fish and plants. Jungle is always unpredictable but these are the unique experiences you are getting for sure!

Meet the jungle habitants

Snakes, tarantulas, lizards, thousand feet bugs and  many more! Every day our professional guides will take you on walks into the jungle where from the first step you can spot a baby snake resting on the leaf or a spider fighting with the mantis. You will get to see the entire different world of species, be amazed by their colors, learn their names and even behaviors. The most interesting part is this is a perfect opportunity to change your perspectives about wildlife in the Amazon Rainforest. It usually seems scary and dangerous but with the right knowledge and approach the experience can be pretty fun! That’s what our guides are there for you.

Enjoy delicious meals made with love

From the first moment of arrival you can sense the love and passion our chefs serve with. They  greet you with a smile on their face and refreshing lemonades on the tray. There are also various traditional juices made of blackberry, orange, pineapple and other local exotic fruits that are served every day. If you are vegetarian, vegan, avoid gluten or allergic to some ingredients you have nothing to worry about! Our chefs will easily prepare alternative meals for you. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are always served on time. And great news for snack lovers! In between main meals you can enjoy cookies, fruits and sweets. What we appreciate a lot is spending evenings with cocktails and desserts sharing our experiences. As you can see the kitchen never sleeps. There is always something going on.

Make lifelong connections

At Waita Lodge people work closely together and share common aspirations. One of the most important goals we have is to give a sense of  home atmosphere and create a big international family. Our guides love sharing stories, experiences and their precious knowledge about jungle habitants and the ways to preserve the local area. Moreover, our guests are engaged in many entertaining activities such as making handmade chocolate from jungle cacao beans, playing table games, fishing for piranhas and many more. Whenever you need assistance our staff is at your disposal with an open heart.

Embrace  nature from the top of our birdwatching tower

Everybody wonders how Amazon Rainforest looks from the view of birds. We already know it is beautiful, vast and breathtaking. But nothing compares to the real experience. When standing up so high and nature is exposed to you it feels empowering, inspiring and something out of this world. Sunsets play beautiful colors of pink, violet, orange and birds let us see their beauty closer. All insects, mammals, flying species produce sounds that perfectly play in the ear. Here is where true transformation happens. Without even realizing we find peace, recognize our essence, feel appreciation and  gratitude to nature. 

          Sunset views from the tower

Hop on canoe to watch dolphins and caimans

Rivers in Cuyabeno Reserve may not allow us to see through but they are full of fish and underwater predators. Our guides know very well where and when we can spot grey and pink dolphins. Usually they like to hang out at the place where two rivers meet: Cuyabeno and Aguarico rivers. This is an ideal moment to see about 90% of their body because Dolphins in the Amazon Rainforest are heavier than in the ocean. For this reason, they don’t jump high up. But don’t be sad, there are caimans waiting  for you to show off their beautiful patterns. Especially at night, with flash lights you have a chance to look straight in the eyes of caimans. Oh, this feeling in the gut is hard to describe!

  Tourists in search of underwater life

As mentioned before, the jungle is unpredictable so experiences are unlimited, you imagine!

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Written by: Nargiza Erkinova


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